An Aerobie Tale

Ok, so here’s a short story about Madd Scientist and his Aerobie.  When we were in elementary school, either 3rd or 4th grade, Scientist brought his prized Aerobie to school with him and we were whippin’ it around at recess.  At some point either me or him (it was probably me, I remember feeling a lot of remorse) whipped it onto the roof of the school.  Like, not the top roof, but a roof over the entrance that was maybe one or two stories up.  I also kinda remember that someone went up there to get it and found a bunch of other balls, frisbees, etc. and threw them down to joyful children.

At least, I’m pretty sure that happened. Scientist’s Aerobie was red with a black stripe.  Long live Scientist’s Aerobie.

On a completely different note, supposedly Turdpress has a new feature that lets you embed a Tweet just by putting the URL in the body.  I’m gonna test it now:

203 thoughts on “An Aerobie Tale

  1. It is wwhazz. I’m on a boat phone. Up in crandon for the week. Too many comments for my iPhone to wwhazz.

    I really liked that airplane phone gag.

    We are behind on breaking bad but no wifi so no


  2. Just had a vision.

    We can play timmers 99 on the day before the up. That will be awesome.

    And fish.

    And ritually sacrifice cal to the gods.

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