110 thoughts on “Gone Fishin’

  1. i passed out way early on the couch… way way early… woke up at 10:30pm and felt like it was deep in the middle of the night, went to bed and slept until 7.


  2. We fuked up not going out for shooting stars after the Ojibwa. It was the best day of the year.


  3. i saw the biggest one i’ve ever seen, centered in my vision and bright as fuck fire in the sky… no need to see it over and over.

    i was still ready to go though… just needed someone else to go. after pushing for a lake trip twice, then instead of “i’ll come with you”, i got a bunch of “you’re going to die”. i didn’t even have pants or a coat and was willing to go.

  4. the HWK always tries to steal our computer phones… rach-o just got a new one, so she bequeefthed her old one to the HWK… but now, when i try to give it to her, she cries and runs away.


  5. Last week’s kickball was cxl because of rain.

    Double header on Wednesday. Probably our teams last gasp as we plan to disband next year.

    Cal, hop a plane to S. Paul. Maddddddd, pick him up. Brian, pick up timmer and meet them in rapids. Invade shabbos’s home and build an a-team tank out of old point cans.

    I’ll see you at the park across from oscar meyer for a 7:30 and an 8:30 match. Wear a cup.

  6. Or do whatever it is you fuckers do with your time and let me and my merry band of pregnant chicks and Chinese expatriates do our lose 17-5 thing.

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