Learnin’ Bout Dem Poops

Spacebee and I went to a little class about cloth diapers at Nikki’s Diapers on Saturday morning.  We learned about prefolds, fitteds, all-in-ones, pockets, all-in-twos, hoohahs, fooferaws, etc.  I staggered out in a daze, knowing that a discrete amount of information had been communicated  but unsure as to the exact nature of said information.  We were quiet for a little bit and then Spacebee said, “I think I like the all-in-twos.”  I wasn’t entirely sure but I thought I agreed as well.

Everyone looks down on us that we would attempt to catch our baby’s poop in cloth as opposed to plastic.  The bellywhazz’s of the world assure us that it’s not too much more difficult.  My view view boils down to the fact that currently I do not deal with diapers.  Imagine such a ground state as 0 on the difficulty scale.  Now you have a kid and the diaper difficulty goes to 100 with disposable diapers or perhaps 110 with cloth diapers.  Whatever; I don’t know baby poop consistency from a hole in the ground. I’m sure people that are at Difficulty 100 have absolutely no interest in bumping that up incrementally to 110, but coming from 0 so I’ll just skip merrily to wherever.

Spacebee also got us registered for one of those goddamned giraffes, just like all you fellas said.

Cal, get back to playing poker in Colma and tell us how much you won.

208 thoughts on “Learnin’ Bout Dem Poops

  1. two paragraphs in and my mind is already blown:

    Yes, we write “10”, but this stands for “1 ten and 0 ones”.

    thanks every teacher i ever had for not explainging that ever.

  2. how about this to blow your mind… every number is unique, and they are only represented as a series of digits to coddle your puny mine. “10” doesn’t mean anything.

  3. one fun fact about computer systems that inherently use binary to store numbers…. one of the seemingly simplest values of 0.1 in base 10 is impossible to represent in binary in an exact format. usually numbers are store using a base and an exponent in floating point. any binary representation would have a repeating fraction, so it’s impossible to store it or do math with it exactly. it’s a wonder computers can do anything.

  4. cal, read this too… all that shit is 2nd nature to me, as i am the only competent software engineer on the planet. blow your mind, then post a link to some law shit that will teach me something. then wait for me to HATE it.


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