Nude Post, Bendyworks Edition

Today I started coworking in downtown Madison at Bendyworks.  I’ll be working here 4-5 days a week and splitting the difference at home or over at Alandovos’ place.  I’m primarily doing this because I felt I wasn’t able to focus lately at home and I’m scared that after Teh Baby arrives I literally won’t get any work done.  Coupled with the fact that I recently took on a ton more work for our next project left me uneasy about my ability to neatly compartmentalize my work time from my home life, and here we are.

I now have a commute (roughly 30 minutes by bus), but I also have the wealth of downtown eateries at my disposal.  Horse apiece? Intuit has a commute subsidy that I signed up for today which should cover 100% of my monthly bus pass costs, and of course during the summer I it’s easily bike-able.  I suppose I’ll see how it works out.  I’m month-to-month so I’m not locked for a year or anything, but if today is any indication I think I’m gonna like it here.

197 thoughts on “Nude Post, Bendyworks Edition

  1. fuck the NFL. i will no longer be acknowledging its existence. i understand the hypocrisy in those combined statements, but it is required to address those asking for comment.

    PS: fuck you

    PPS: fuck you, too

    PPPS: gino XL

  2. NFL? what’s that?

    are you talking about the green bay football league? you know, the new football league that all the real football teams are playing for? experienced refs, and every game is free on dish network.

    the green bay football league would never employ a ref that was fired for incompetence from the lingerie football league.


  3. It’s good the packers lost. Fuck them and let them think about leaving Flynn behind the whole flight home. That fucker could score 50 pts a game, no problem and he’s the second qb on the team that beat us.

    Also, maybe we can think about scoring more points and then things like this wont happen.

    Plus, we win super bowls when we lose 6 games per year. So 4 more to go, joe.

  4. what is packers? is that a moving service?

    man, i love hockey. hockey is the best. it’s the only sport there is.


  5. I’m glad I bought a whole box of Rap Pack cards but it is strange. I have a whole box of Rap Pack cards. I am wealthy of Rap Pack Cards. I actually came here to complain that Gerardo (aka rico suave guy) but I have reconsidered my complaint. Gerardo is indeed a rapper and belongs in the Rap Pack. So apologies all around.

    More on Gerardo from Wikipedia

    Gerardo’s first major appearance in show business was as Ricky in the 1987 feature film Can’t Buy Me Love. He was later cast as the character Bird in the 1988 film Colors, about South Central Los Angeles gang violence. This was also the first time his dance skills were showcased, in one of the party scenes; however, he did not sing at any point in the film.

  6. ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i meant to say complain about the fact that he is included in the Rap Pack. I think of him as more of a pop sensation and YET of COURSE he belongs in the Rap Pack. the dude was in COLORS for fucks sake. i am ashamed of myself. the Rap Pack Knows.

  7. SpaceCamp (1986) – IMDb
    Rating: 5.4/10 – 6697 votes
    The young attendees of a space camp find themselves in space for real when their shuttle is accidently launched into orbit. #oops

  8. Lawman freakin loves Spacecamp. I cannot remember if he owned the tape, taped it off tv, or just rented it over and over, but we watched it over and over.

    That FUCKING robot.

  9. d00d… they didn’t die. they found more oxygen in some space horders backyard. i too used to watch that movie over and over. i think it was on super 18 pretty much whenever a brewers game or perfect strangers wasn’t on.

    one of my high school friends was insane about the real space camp… her whole life was dedicated to being an astronaut. i don’t know if she ever made it. i had a super crush on her sister though, but her sister had a super crush on my other friend. a vicious love triangle of spacey camping.

  10. I used to own a Spacecamp book that I always assumed was a novelization of the movie, but reading the wikipedia page, it says the movie was based on a book. My mind is possibly blown. Also, I think gay frat brother from Revenge of the Nerds was very underrated in spacecamp.

    update … Further research has shown that the book I had was a novelization. Fuck. You. Jinx.

    update two … a kid in lynn’s and my sister’s class in high school went to spacecamp. He also broke both of his legs in gym when he planted both of his feet swinging at a pitch in softball. At least I think that’s what happened.

  11. yo axturd, let me ax you sumthin….

    do you think “closer” means “closing out the possibility of a postseason?”

    because, that is not what it means, you monkey.

  12. that spacegurl went to space camp every year. it’s like $10,000 per week.

    that high school triangle got way twisted… the d00d she liked didn’t like her at all… then she started dating the guy that liked the gurl i was dating, but only after she agreed to go to some dance with some other guy… so then he ends up going to the dance with a gurl i went to sunday school with since i was tiny, but didn’t really hang out with in high school… we went to different schools before then and sunday school was way over. then they got to the dance and basically told the other 2 that they were going together now and swapped.


  13. That triangle (really more of a polygon, I think) love story should be a movie with Lea Thompson and Joaquin/Leaf Phoenix. And it should take place in space.

  14. That story about the two busted legs is way true. Cal is lucky as fuck he didn’t pull that stunt in the up.

  15. that story has be scared to walk. you can break BOTH your legs just by STANDING?!#%*(&#^!

    i got drunk last night… i just checked my email… someone was taking advantage of his new amazon prime account, and falling for their “you may also be interested in…” picks.

    got space camp on DVD… then it looks like the rabbit hole also tricked me into 1-click buying:

    real genius
    cloak & dagger
    flight of the navigator
    and D.A.R.Y.L

    oh, money.

  16. i’ll be drinking again tonight. please think before you post any new movie titles, as 1-click ordering is literally 1-click away. think of THE CHILDREN.

    i tried to look up my space camp friend to see if she went there, and i found someone with that name listed as attending the technical college i drive past everyday, and working at the hospital where my wife works… mind was temporarily blown until i realized that person was 3-4 years older than the person i was looking for. still…. small world.

  17. top of the 6th down 5-1… FSN has a tight shot on someone getting up from their lower box seat, and follows them with a tight pan all the way up the stairs and out into the grand stands.


  18. i have the same feeling of doubt that someone will overturn the results of this weeks packer game as last.

    i am in a very funky football mindset.

    i think i know what the packers are, and NFL is the thing i think maybe….

    i lust for the CFL… hopefully that blooms into something.


  19. spacecamp
    real genius
    cloak & dagger
    flight of the navigator
    and D.A.R.Y.L

    are all excellent buys. thank god for booze and one click. #childhoodreboot

  20. Did you have fun in vegas, asshole?

    I graded 56000 papers.

    I did have time to attend a sausage making class with lawdude and a brewer game with my family… $25 tiny Braun Tshirt raaarrrrrrrrrrrrr. I had to drink 4 $8 beers just to not care about that one.

  21. Whoa, this page has many gems, including another birthday celebration and the 2002 Whazz Tournament. Interestingly enough, 4 of the most frequent current contributors to whazzmaster were there for that tournament: myself, wwhazz, scientist, and cal. Only EROS has disappeared.

  22. See? I was yelling at Cal before it was cool:

    CAL: how many people are you bringing to my house for Whazzgiving? It’s not like I just have to throw some more gravy in the pot. You and your kind need an entirely new menu. You have to tell me more than just the day before that you’re bringing 3 vege-tegans to my house. It’s not a problem BUT I HAVE TO KNOW AHEAD OF TIME.

  23. I don’t know how you do that with your archives, but that’s way cool. I especially love the bios in the “bellman profiles.”

  24. Oh, that is some fun to explore. Not time right now, Dr. Jones.

    I gotta say, I am happy with -21 on Rancho in a tournament.

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