Adam Q. Peanutbutter III

Whatever I don’t know what to write on this webzone anymore.  So I’m back from India and I’m sorry I didn’t update with more updates before I left but I think the lack of hamburgers got to me after a while and I just stopped caring anymore.

I’m looking forward to the DOO-BOO-QUEUE trip and hey! Maybe we could even get the Bunkster to meet us down there? I’ll do some investigative reporting and find out what’s up.  In the meantime, you guys argue in the comments for awhile.

245 thoughts on “Adam Q. Peanutbutter III

  1. i was up until 5am and NO ONE WOULD LOSE(*&)%)&*!#^)&*(!#^ so i tapped out and went to bed. i sort of slept in, so the HWK just got cheerios and blueberries thrown at her face.


    i still don’t know who won. there were 3 all-in dominations by benson, but the short stack idiots kept hitting 4-7 outers on the river.

  2. Sounds about right. That’s exactly why most folks go CHOP!!! And then creep off with their winnings.

  3. I’m tempted by that bet, but I, too, think it’s a girl.

    And I’m not so patiently waiting for an update.

  4. ok, i’ll give you girl for $10… but i need tax forms so i can declare it a charitable donation.

    it’s obviously a gurl

  5. aren’t these the same geniOUSes that couldn’t find a heartbeat?

    BG should tell them to MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE, and let her do it.

  6. meet franky… the dog granted with the right to tell police to raid any house that franky wants them to. because that is how justice is done.


  7. if i see that stumbly old fucker on the street, i’m kicking his lower jaw off.


  8. it didn’t make sense to me why you were blaming TV for your misconceptions in fetus sexing, considering you already have fetus fully babyfied… but when i told rach-o, she said “oh, they found out this time!” she remembers that kind of information. i do not.


  9. I win! I win! But really, when it’s a girl, we all win.

    Unless it’s a $penny. Then it can be a boy and it’s still ok.

  10. we’ll have a pretty solid roller derby team… or hunger games… probably hunger games the way this broken country is progressing.


  11. i’m not saying that genocide is good… i’m just saying that if the current state is “good”, and the current state is “post-genocide”………


  12. i think babymaddddd is going to be a better killer than the HWK…

    HWK would toy with her prey rather than kill it.


  13. HOW MUCH MORE CAN I BREAK THIS POST?!#^()&!#^)*(&!#^)&(!^#*)(


  14. i’ll help:

    title: webzine issue #494

    content: hola amigos! i’m always rapping.


  15. or better yet, for N00D post:

    my thesis on proper telemarketing response:

    if you politely refuse an offer made by a telemarketer, you must assume that the telemarketer will continue to make this offer and waste the time of others.

    when you politely refuse, or simply hang up on a telemarketer, you are effectively responsible for wasting someone else’s time.

    it is your civic duty to entice the telemarketer and waste as much of their time as you can… thusly disenfranchising and disheartening the telemarketer, making their entire existence not worthwhile. we all have the power to do this. if we all did, NONE OF US WOULD HAVE TO.

    you lazy mother fuckers have wasted enough of my goddamned time. YOU SUCK.


  16. also, the dozens of automated political polls that have called my home office phone number during business hours over the past weeks, enjoy your accumulated data of 65 year old women voting for 3rd party candidates.



  17. Here is my thur/sun/mon night $5 10-man. It’s called the TFC Primetime something if you want in:

    Pos Name Game Game Time Salary
    QB Matt Cassel KC@SD Thu 8:20pm ET $104,000 X
    RB LeSean McCoy Phi@NO Mon 8:30pm ET $168,000 X
    RB Ryan Mathews KC@SD Thu 8:20pm ET $166,000 X
    WR Dwayne Bowe KC@SD Thu 8:20pm ET $121,000 X
    WR Marques Colston Phi@NO Mon 8:30pm ET $162,000 X
    WR Devery Henderson Phi@NO Mon 8:30pm ET $85,000 X
    TE Brent Celek Phi@NO Mon 8:30pm ET $69,000 X
    K Alex Henery Phi@NO Mon 8:30pm ET $79,000 X
    DEF New Orleans Saints Phi@NO Mon 8:30pm ET $45,000 X

  18. It’s this one. There are still 7 spots.

    NFL – LeagueWeek 9 – TFC’s PrimeTime Smackdown (Thu/Sun/Mon nites) Prize Money: $45.00
    Contest ID: 90356 – NFL League –

  19. Some people pick up the tab for vets, others smash them in the face. You cannot have the sweet without the sour, bro.

    I had not heard the news about plush but I knew what was on the other side of that link before I even clicked it.

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