Fighting Out of the Red Corner…

Yo ho hello there went to Meriter Hospital and had a kid there.

Andrew James “A.J.” Moneypenny was born today. He seems like a tough little kid and from all accounts looks exactly like me when I was born. Good or bad? You decide.

I’m off of work for two weeks while we settle in at home, so come by and visit if you know us and stuff. We’d be happy to let you look at him or hold him or whatever.

Cal- when you having a baby? Right after that treasure hunt win?

148 thoughts on “Fighting Out of the Red Corner…

  1. I agree: clear mind. The past is the past. That documentary showed the folly of trying to use the past to predict the future if this thing.

    These pre dig orgies are for people with no friends.

  2. My hunch is that the paper wants to actively distance themselves from all these lunatics. So the paper might actually do things to break these asshole’s perceived “rules.”

  3. The paper’s law dummies prob have the higher ups lighting candles the entire hunt that nothing tragic happens.

    They are going to keep the heard moving slowly in the same direction.

  4. please correct any of the understandings i currently hold:

    1) there is another “hunt” run by the same paper
    2) cal’s mom dominated so much, that the YA’HEARD turned on her
    3) cal’s mom took over the entire contest and was in charge of it completely
    4) she was fired for sexual harassment

    if any of those are true, don’t we have a giant in? do we know who is currently in charge of hiding the medallion or writing the clues or whatever??

  5. it’s best that we allow our government to unarm us while we allow our government to allow other governments to amass true weapons of mass destruction capable of entirely wiping out major metropolitan areas……….


  6. jfkldasjfdklasjfldkasjfdla i just wrote a long thing and forget my “email” and lost it. jfdklajfdklafjasdkljf ok here’s the deal. the twanks couldn’t get any fools to show up the metrodome so they held a “golden ticket” contest. find the thing and get season tickets.

    Year One: ma finds it. Season tix
    Year two: ma finds it. Season tix
    Year three. ma find it. Searson tix.
    Year four. ma is clue writer. handful of tix.
    Year five. new stadium. screw you.

    so yeah dude. giant in. we have a ringer on our side.

  7. but that little contest was a joke compared to this. THIS is for glory. THIS goes down in the history books.

  8. madd are you going to be able to abandon your family or what? you can either get on the road and grunt it out in the parks or man the internets.

  9. it’s going to be hard, but i’ll try…

    the hardest part will be being so close to canterbury… if i’m going to abandon the fam, i’d really like to gambo, but i think i can beat this silly hunt game too…..

    i just want to see what poker is like… from what i hear, limit poker is now usually a 8:1 ratio of “pros”…

    1) i doubt that
    2) all the better for me
    3) check raise

  10. if you want to see what a JOW RIGGED JOKE looks like: turn on the BCS championship.

    notre dame is getting booty raped.

  11. It sucks 28-30 is the first week of school. No way I can skip it.

    Plus prob too cold to take my papoose on the hunt.

  12. we need preliminary research and i am not smart.

    here is the thing with preliminary research: asume you are the person picking the hide location…. you will be WELL aware of the hide history, and all current park politics…. but your goal is still to HIDE.

    in our enlightened age, hiding consists of an acknowledgement of the potential of misdirection… this leads to a state where the more the data is read into, the further away from the medallion ye shall be.

    AKA: put down your maps and have a glass of crown with me.


  13. What does mama say? Were scribbled on maps taped all over the kitchen? Did you find her with a big ol magnifying glass when you came in for your morning pop tart?

    I only know her via story and some of her chatter in the background during last year’s hunt. But she seems like she probably causally read the paper with her morning tea and just went “duh, this is easy.”

    Last year there were moments of clarity followed by insane moments of looking waaaaaaay to deep into things. Freddy had me with his goose house theory, but you and your mom were on the right track with the right park before you went too far and went down the trail to the wrong park.

    I think the pattern will be impossible, impossible, impossible. OBVIOUS, impossible, impossible, impossible, impossible, OBVIOUS, OBVIOUS, OBIOUSE, OBVIOUS.

    The impossible ones will have the whole wonderland and other krews waaaaaaay over thinking things while the cluemaster touches himself.

  14. cal, i hope this world you’re creating keeps you as happy as you’ve ever been.


  15. picard

    Oh, no. We cannot allow ourselves think that. The Seventh Guarantee is one of the most important rights granted by the Federation.

  16. Through experience I’ve found the best tool is a garden hoe type tool… except not bent… a flat garden hoe if that make sence. you need something to lift show that’s why your little stick thing would be useless. you need the shovel effect but not something so large as a shovel. I like the anti-research thoughts. I overthought the thing and screwed myself last year. the key really is in the actual hunt. you’ll see, you can’t just poke here and there. most people just sort of stroll around the parks and poke here and there. you can’t do that. you need to actually SEARCH the area. it’s time consuming but clears the mind.

  17. I give london 50/50. I’m leaning towards it these days. I think i might be the oldest dude left in san francisco

  18. i have one of those ice choppers… i was just concerned because the handle was shorter, and it’s way heavier.

  19. i just had a 5 minute argument with the HWK…

    “can you say ‘NO’?”


    “but you just did…”


    “YES YOU DID.”


    “so you do know how to say ‘NO’?”


    “YES YOU DO)*(&#^@)&*(!#%^)&*(!^#)(*!#^*()”

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