Sorry gentlemen! My RSS reader was fucked up and I didn’t see any comments coming through. I guess I just figured you were all feeling each other up in a Minneapolis park and didn’t have time to check in on lil’ old Whazzmaster.com anymore.

In your honor I am revealing this Newd Post. Spacebee and I are kinda tired from no sleep at night, so I currently have no other topics to discuss.

286 thoughts on “Whoa

  1. 1. That was beyond front page newz. Most quiet mystery of all time.

    2. I get real happy when you get angry about Price is Right.

    3. I hate that mining bill.

  2. fucking president osama saddam sodomy interrupted by price is right again today.

    10000000 goddamned cable channels. 3 CSPAN CHANNELS PAID FOR BY THE GOVERNMENT AND BROADCAST UNIVERSALLY…. and some FUCKHEAD thinks the right move is sequestering my entertainment and making me listen to GODDAMN RETARDS that KNOW NOTHING.

    this country is not worth living in.



    this ain’t a single…
    it’s a warning until my album drops.

    oh, america.

  4. no hope with no pope
    the rhyme dope in your dome
    blast through your home…
    shrapnel through your speakers
    scraps made out of everything
    regards, tha madddddddd reaper

    cal sucks.

  5. Take off my clothes and kick up my heels… come on, fellas. It’s time to open the champagne.


  6. Worm’s crazy cash, smokes, trade three way game with the guards, whiteguys, and brothers sounds so interesting.

  7. Cal, this is our thing we are talking about– not some losing hand of poker.

    I’d say good luck, but I know it’s not about luck in your game.

  8. actually, fuck you. now i’ll never know what a transgendered strip club is like.

  9. “girls” was extra good this week.

    does anyone watch “enlightened”? man, that show is annoying.

  10. Ruin, ruin, ruin. Cla is a ruiner.

    My fav part for lol:

    “…but after watching grown men shit themselves and sometimes try to eat their own shit…”

    My fav part for relating to my life:

    “For the most part, people do not want help. They want money or they want drugs or they want death.”

    Now, my students do not want death, but they just want to finger fuck each other and drink and play xbox and somehow also have money and a good life. I actually have a post it on my computer “HELP DONT RESCUE.”

    If someone wants help with writing, I CAN HELP WITH THAT. But most of them want to be rescued and for that, I show them community resources for whatever ails em… few follow through on it.

  11. fun facts:

    1) i think i could submit chickenandricericeandchicken, but i don’t think i could beat that guy that he just beat.

    2) wwwwwwhazz is older than a man so old i can’t believe they are still alive and functioning.

    3) i am the best at being the worst at handicapping fights OR the fight came is perfectly rigged against me.

  12. We are two behind on girls.

    I watched the first 3 episodes of season 1 Enlightened after our MMA hangout. I actually liked it, thought it was funny.

    I like the ex husband. I like the crazy folks in the basement of the building. I do expect Rafi to be more Rafi, though… and some sort of connection to dinosaurs.

  13. did you read any of the comments on that article? everyone is hating on that bitch HARD…

    complaining about the people you were employed to help??? HOW DARE YOU?)(*&!#%&*(!#%&*(!#%&*(!#%

    i guess they expect her let the guy eating his poop borrow her spoon.


  14. i watched a bunch of enlightened, but stopped for about the last 3 weeks…. can’t bail on the girls yet though. the last 3 have probably been the best, so you’re in for a treat

  15. Yeah, finding out that I’m older than wanderlei silva was a real memento mori. I’m glad I was able to share it on trubbbs with you and your family.

    I let madddddd pick whichever fighter he wanted for 4 mma fights.

    He took Gomi at 2-1 over Diego: Lost $5

    He took Lombard over Okami: Lost $10

    He took the tallest man on the planet over a fat dude: Lost $10

    He took Stann over Wandy and lost $10 plus a $10 KO side bet.

    Madddddd made every pick and LOST every bet. Those were some sweet fights though. Best I’ve seen in a long time.

  16. watching most shows on HBO makes me beg the question, “WHERE ARE THE GAS CHAMBERS FOR THESE PEOPLE?!”


  17. i’ve gone 0 for the event MANY times on MMA. pretty much an unbelievable amount. statistically relevant to prove something RIGGED is going on.

    i had bet on that same fat dude as a heavy dog in the past…


  18. I read some of the comments. I’m on the girl’s side. She works hard in shit conditions with shit resources for shit pay. Trying to survive on 32K in SF while working that hard with that much education is not a sustainable life.

    She talked about her idealism rotting away. I think that is fair.

  19. I’m in the same boat. That was my BEST night of MMA betting in my entire life… I did not make a single decision, yet went 4-0.

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