Scubby sent me a link of Cal, v2013. I see a resemblance but I’m not yet willing to believe that he left California, moved to Sheboygan, grew eight inches, and tricked a UW scout into believing that he could play baskets n’ balls.

For the rest of you folks, know that I have been following the chatter on wm but have been quite busy between work and child. I hope you’ll excuse the radio silence and just keep clucking about obscure MMA fighters, guns, poker, and Cal. I saw that I was invited to the CWS Holiday Party; wish I could go but shit’s still going down at work. I’m off the entire month of April so we have some free time. Perhaps we could go on a road trip around Wisconsin and visit friends with the baby. Scientist, you can marvel at how such a tiny thing could cry for so many hours straight. Kalish, you can live (or re-live) the thrills of waking up at 2am, 3am, 4am, and then 5am (up for good at that point) while a tiny wretch screams his head off. PARENTHOOD~!

Have scotch ale on hand.

153 thoughts on “HELLLLLLO LADIES

  1. Some gsp quotes about that press conference:

    But, after that I listened to the conversation and my friend who is an English speaker said, ‘you guys are both out of line.’ I realize I was out of line, too. We were both talking about stuff that didn’t make any sense. I’m sure some scientist will listen to the tape 1,000 years from now and they will try to analyze the depth of our conversation and still not understand it. It was actually pretty funny.”

  2. A marble mouthed ganster and a french canadian talking sausage at each other makes for a linguistic good time.

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