124 thoughts on “Opening Day 2013

  1. Stoooooopid rainout. I played Braun, Gogogogmez, and Weeks in my main cal league.

    That is NOT how to win a championship.

    But FUCK. I was holding a bobcat down for shots. No time for lineup changes.

  2. uh…. it went to 100 last week. since then, it peaked at 266 today, and “crashed” back to 130.

    yeah, 30% return in a week is terrible. i barely like it anymore.


  3. large numbers of people with large amounts of money are adopting the bitcoin… if you have $20B in some offshore account, you’re still vulnerable to governing forces out of your control. bitcoin is decentralized. the people that do the kinds of things that people with $20B need done for them are flocking to bitcoins. it’s CASH in a society run by VISA and MASTERCARD.

  4. at 171….

    there is a limited number of potential bit coins. they are far from all in circulation. they estimate with computer advancements they will all be “mined” by 2030… then, the value just goes up forever.

  5. i cut the face out of my darrell strawberry rookie because my babysitter said it was a special card.

  6. Cal, why not become a mailman?

    I think you would like walking around all day, talking to weirdos.

    You down?

  7. every downtrodden retard on earth has dreams of being a mailman. at the Q when i was a kid, there was a waitress named heather that worked there for like 15 years, and would work there another 10 before eventually being fired. she tried out for mailman duty every year and didn’t make the cut. she rode a bike to work every day… was in good shape… didn’t look horrible… had an insane person’s memory (she knew the birthday of pretty much every customer and every person she ever met)… it’s a hard racket to get into, very competitive, and the business is dying.

    better than whatever he’s doing now….

  8. UPS driver is even worse… you’re required to be a hoffa union member, and mix the cement for 2 “whacks” a year, and you can’t be a driver until you work 15 years playing box hockey and spraying down trucks (no lie).

    cal, just start breaking into houses and stealing shit.


  9. I think that is old school UPS. I think it might be a shit job now. My wife orders 2000 packages a week and no way the whippersnappers they got dropping this shit off are 15 years deep in the game unless they started at age 9.

    I think every job sucks now.

  10. Or, cla:

    Why not get on at some non profit for like 30K a year… you have to be more tantalizing than a 22 year old with only a 4-year degree, right?

    Swim down the food chain and shark up a job you are over qualified for.

  11. cal, go be a legal whipping boy over at VICE.

    they sent rodman to north korea.


  12. my UPS data is from a friend that worked in the box hockey game over summers during college. jesus christ that is over 10 years ago. SO. FUCKING. OLD.

    my grandpa would tell me tails of his acquaintance that was making over $100,000 year after working the game for a LONG LONG time. like 5 weeks vacation, full benefits… those hoffas FLECE the game HARD.

    then one day they were like, hey… other than just spraying off the trucks with the hose, we also want you to do this one other menial simple easy task… and he was like FUCK OFF. NO. and quit the UPS game.

    now he gives handjobs to failed lawyers.

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