Where Should I Go From Here?

Whelp, looks like the ol’ Windows Desktop Application gravy train has pulled into the station; EVERYONE OFF THE TRAIN. To stave off Cal-like irrelevancy in the programmable compuhoosit marketplace I have to choose which type of development to focus my efforts on next. So, in an unbelievable act of stupidity I ask the Whazzmaster.com Community what I should look to do in my career– should I focus on:

  • Windows 8-style App Store development?
  • Desktop Mac App Store development?
  • Javascript SPA (Single Page Architecture) front-end development?
  • Java Web Services development?
  • iOS (iPhone/iPad) development?
  • Android development? (Not gonna happen)

Any ideas? Lawman? What do you think? Does Jen H. have any ideas for what I should do next? Blargle.

166 thoughts on “Where Should I Go From Here?

  1. Houston tied it, so my pitcher cannot get the win. That about kills my team. Prince might bat again. That would be my last hope.


  2. I’m crying cum tears about bukkake cards.

    All I needed was a double from prince or a win from my pitcher (he had it locked until top of the 8th and I had a SJ ticket.

    Now, I got nothing, Not a thing.

    So last week I won the freeroll with top score for the entire site. And now this. So close.

  3. It’s like Prince knows when I need him. Both he and Braun went a combined 0 for 8 with 8 strikes outs. That’s -8.

    Thanks, fellas.

  4. My mind is programming failure. I watch the churning of 1st – 12th place and know that I don’t even have to worry about it. I am the sub-sub-basement of our league. I’m down in the steam tunnels.

  5. give the dicks all of your superstars and i’ll give you a cut of the chicksy winnings.


  6. It’s insta trade though I did say that they may need to be explained. Collusion as an explanation might not fly.


  7. Nothing in fantasy baseball matters until June 1st.

    We are in NFL week 2 territory.

    Puke or panic? Just wretch a few times.

  8. With Lawman, Cueto is hurt. He will heal. Price blows; he will get his fill of mancum and stop. Heyward is not a .100 hitter. Votto will come around.

    This team is fine.

    I’d say papermaked and sommers have real issues. And cla. That fucker sucks.

  9. Did you know that Jim Henderson comes from a long line of lobster fishermen?

    That is the last thing I know about the brewers.

  10. Did you get my login info for xmradio? Feel free to listen. Jess is super pissed that I now have the power to listen in our home.

  11. HEY WHAZZMASTER*(&!#%*&(!#%)(&*!%#)&(!%)(&!%#()&*

    I HEARD YOU BEEN SLIPPIN)(&!#%^&)(%)(&*^)*(!^!^$

  12. hey whazzmaster…. your mom called…… she said you’re a bum.

    i just got the domain.


  13. these are all from the brewer game. the DTS 7.1 is SO FUCKING ENJOYABLE.

    come watch games at my house.


  14. whenever the brewers have a chance to go to .500, i will host and ensure everyone attending has meat and brew for the duration.


  15. Is there ever a weeknight you can have a guest? We are doing a MN weekend and I’d like to bookend it with a night in Iowa and a night in Maddddtown.

    We are in May 17 and 18. Can you do 16 or 19?

  16. may 18th i’m in a wedding… not sure when we’ll get back on sunday. but any weeknight would work, the trubbbbbbroom trubbbbbbbbs EVERY DAY.


  17. god damn seasoning salt is 0/10…. that fucker really fucked me so far. had to bench one of the uptons and then he smacks one last night.


  18. uh…. WAY more than 14, you fucking idiots

    then, later in the day, they interrupted jeopardy. both times to cut to dumb shit of dumb people saying they don’t know anything and there is nothing we can do. that is how bombs work you fucking idiots. you’re all complete morons and deserve everything you get.


  19. david leary wants to know if you’ll work in the intuit parter platform……..

    i want to know if i should start wandy rodriguez today. ERA & WHIP!#%*(&!%#^&*(!^#()&*!^#&*()!

  20. oh man….. seeing 20 stations all plastering pictures of that guy who went to menards and bought a pressure cooker and some fertilizer and some nails…. at the same time telling everyone to stay inside….. uh…. so why do i need to see their picture? just in case i find them in my house??? FUCKING RETARDS. so i pop on the DVR and fire up the price is right, expecting CBS to be pulling the same stupid shit, and sending a mob after innocent people, and spreading LIES.

    SURPRISE SURPRISE, they are showing the goddamned price is right as scheduled. the first lady called up is about 900 pounds… as she is waddlerunning around contestants row, she slappps her well skinned arm down the edge of the stage which is lined with lightbulbs. she puts her hand right through one of them!!!!!!! that is like 2 of those precariously placed bulbs getting smashed in a week. people are getting dumber and dumber. i knew that shit would happen.

    and now, back to the show.

    CBS, if you interrupt this shit……. i’m going to switch my late night schedule to watch one of the jimmys. don’t fuck with me. i’m serious.

  21. man… i forgot all about overheard heckles…. $19.95 not so well spent.

    if i’m at a game with lafromboise, i’m going home with a sore throat.

  22. if somebody screams something in public, it’s important that it be documented. i provide the platform = i get rich.


  23. wow…….. my favorite fans (pimp’n’ho) right next to the opposing team dugout….. always almost completely inanimate…. after the 2nd out strikeout in the top of the 9th, pimp stands up and talks shit and waves the batter into the dugout.


    it makes me nervous.


  24. boston KABOOM guy was charged with “weapons of mass destruction”…. so… i’m supposed to believe that saddam hussein didn’t own a pressure cooker? good thing we have all these new laws on the books for TERRRRRRRRRROR and WMD so we can kiss all our “RIGHTS” away.


    we are all SLAVES.

    follow the drinking gourd, follow the drinking gourd……….

    cal sucks.

  25. i really really fucking HATE fantasy baseball.

    1) i’m drunk as fuck\

    2) night game.

    fucking yuni is blasting grand slames every reauck9ng DAY)*(&^#)(*!#%)*(!^#

    he’s not on my goddamn team. HE SUCKS. i STAYED AWAY. i WROTE HIM OFF)(*%#!)(&!#% and now he’s so great?!#%(*^&!#&)^(

    i am not even happy that the brewers can’t lose.

    i’m ruined.


  26. HEY!~ adn YOU)#%^)&(*!#% fucking DIRTY BURGETSRS)&*(!#^%&*()!#^)&*(!#%^ every fucking waiver add i mkae yous couopt out from under me)(*&#^!)&(*!#^)(*!^#

    YOU FUCK!#&)^%)&(^#!*()&!#Q

  27. JHEY(#*@&^%)&(!#^
    FUCKING COMMISH*(&^!#%)&*(!#^
    GOGOGOGOGGOO ROBBBBBED(*&Q#%(*&^#@)&*(@$^

    yOUSTOIU@^# TFUGFDKCU)(^@$&^@)(*&@^$



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