Where Should I Go From Here?

Whelp, looks like the ol’ Windows Desktop Application gravy train has pulled into the station; EVERYONE OFF THE TRAIN. To stave off Cal-like irrelevancy in the programmable compuhoosit marketplace I have to choose which type of development to focus my efforts on next. So, in an unbelievable act of stupidity I ask the Whazzmaster.com Community what I should look to do in my career– should I focus on:

  • Windows 8-style App Store development?
  • Desktop Mac App Store development?
  • Javascript SPA (Single Page Architecture) front-end development?
  • Java Web Services development?
  • iOS (iPhone/iPad) development?
  • Android development? (Not gonna happen)

Any ideas? Lawman? What do you think? Does Jen H. have any ideas for what I should do next? Blargle.

166 thoughts on “Where Should I Go From Here?

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