The Miraculous Mister Bumpaddle

puts "Hello World"

So, er, what’s happenin’ with y’all? I’ve just been coding my ass off lately; last weekend I was in IL for a wedding and managed to code up an initial version of a home page for our local Ruby meetup. And since I was moved off of the desktop team and started doing web development full-time at work I’ve been rampaging across a code base, refactoring and improving things every day. It’s pretty energizing!

In the background, shit’s been busy as hell since July, er, April I guess. I feel like we’re emerging from an every-weekend-going-somewhere-or-someone-coming-by… case in point: today I deep-cleaned my kitchen for the first time in, well, ever. There was lots of gross stuff, and I may have gone overboard on usage of CLR but I’m much happier with the result. Tomorrow morning: try to do something about the nightmare that is my backyard.

Go Packers.

162 thoughts on “The Miraculous Mister Bumpaddle

  1. did you know you can buy real human skeletons on ebay under “medical oddities”???

    but you can’t buy a nazi hat…

    you can buy a dead person and do whatever you want with it, but you can’t buy a hat with a certain symbol on it, because people that wore that symbol took people and did whatever they wanted with them.

    i feel dirty. i’m dropping this skeleton idea, even though it was GREAT.

  2. ebay’s policy even explicitly permits it… with one exception: you can’t sell native american bones. my bones aren’t as sacred as a native americans???! #FUCKOFF

    what about selling a holocaust victim’s bones? that’s ok with you ebay? do you know who else was in the business of holocaust victim’s bones?


  3. in fun whazz news: RE: craigslist guy selling that ’99 machine in town that had a bad monitor / no confirmation if game board worked…. he kept asking to buy mine… i finally gave him a price: 20 folds. he got snarky………… bad judgement.

    what happened next should be obvious…


  4. our last exchange:

    him: Your fucking stupid go away dumb ass and your blocked now daaa
    me: *you’re…. ur mum’s face is fucking stupid

  5. i still haven’t made my eggs… i’m all out of eggs.

    here is my plan: cook some sausage and back and crumble it… set aside. wisk the eggs and pour on a hot buttered griddle. fold in the sausage, maybe roll it in, so you’re left with little omelette rolls. take the tempura batter and put in a little maple syrup and the crumbled bacon. dunk the omelette rolls in there and fry. drink with scotch.

  6. the big bang theory is bullshit. before the bang, there would have to be a convergence of energy. suck before the blow.


  7. holy fuck… plasmacars are awesome. A++++++++++++ WOULD CHANGE FUNDAMENTAL STATE OF MATTER AGAIN.

    you need about the size of a basketball free throw lane (just lane? fuck you.) the surface needs to be hard as fuck and flat as fuck and smooth as fuck. my basement is poured cement, so it’s perfect. i’ve found myself taking plasmacar breaks quite often tonight.

    cal cal cal. cal cal cal. cal my booty.

  8. i made the eggs. they are everything i hoped for. thinking about starting a restaurant just to sell these.

    i made a super thin omelette in a giant pan, then cut up sausage super thin and rolled it up sushi style and put a toothpick through it. i cut up ham super dicey and fried it up, then added the ham bits to the batter…. dip and fry.

  9. one unexpected thing: the littles bites blew up like popcorn.

    the roll was hard to keep together… i’ll probably just go straight scrambled next time with little sausage bits in it. also, i’ll knock off some of the batter before frying, and put the cooked pieces on paper towel to soak up some of the oil. that should fix everything.

    i might start experimenting with a syrup nugget in the egg before dipping

  10. My new thing is killing mice. I got 3 so far.

    The little fuckers tipped their hand when one of them left a chewed up peanut butter cup behind the coffee maker. Now it’s war. Murder death kill.

    One crafty fuck chewed a hole in my bag of finch thistle and then brought it in the house and hid it in my turkey baster. I think he is the same one who can lick the peanut butter off the trap without triggering it. At first, I though the trap was malfunctioning and almost lost a finger. At this point in my life, I aint got fingers to spare. He’s gonna be the toughest target.

    Belly is back from AZ on Saturday and she wants to hire a pro. Tonight it ends before she gets home: glue traps at ever entrance. The kitchen filled with traps. I’ll sleep on the couch with a loaded bb gun. Dog, babies, watch your paws. She can add the exterminator funds to my dubuque roll.

  11. This has been a tough week as a solo dad. Besides caring for two kids, they are both sick. Little Evil with a butt rash and pi with a z104 fever. On top of that, vermin.

    On Saturday night I will drink like Noah after the ark hit land.

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