Countdown! 3… 2… 1… Jo’s!

Ok, we’re getting pretty close to the Annual Trip to Dubuque. ¬†Take a fun walk down memory lane by checking out those previous links. As a matter of fact, revisit my Epic Vegas Trip of 2012 while you’re wandering around memory lane.

I want to assure y’all: this year will be a little differe– DON’T RUN AWAY! Yes, we’re not staying at The Canfield, but we’re not far away. We can drop in and do a little singin’ at The Rainbow Lounge whenever we please. We can also cast a pox on either casino and assure everyone within hearing distance that we’re taking our business to the other one.¬†Multiple times.

So get psyched up and I’ll see you weirdos down on the muddy waters of the Mighty Mississip; stay tuned for the sure-to-be forthcoming 2013 installment of the post-weekend wrapup post.

ps- Cal’s not coming this year, therefore he sucks.

123 thoughts on “Countdown! 3… 2… 1… Jo’s!

  1. the wisconsin constitution reads “The people have the right to keep and bear arms for security, defense, hunting, recreation or any other lawful purpose.”

    why the fuck do wisconsin laws include stuff like “lawful purpose” when the law itself is what is defining what a “lawful purpose” is???!@#%^&*()!#^)&(


    how about we just have 1 law: everything that is illegal is illegal.


  2. those who can, do…. those who can’t, teach… those who can’t teach, cop… those who can’t cop, legislate.

  3. just caught the latest CWS live stream… they thank port edward’s state bank, BUT NO FUCKING THANK YOU TO THE SCIENTIST FOR LENDING ALL MY FUCKING GEAR.

    haters get dealt with.

    also, i put a single fucking term on my loan: start every broadcast with “HELLO RACEFANS!”

    nothing. just more BS about some bank and how thankful everyone is for the stupid fucking bank. port edward’s state bank fucking sucks. i went in there once… it fucking STANK. like homeless people lived in there and shit all over everything. i went back, IT STUNK WORSE.

    fuck the haters.

    CAN I SUE?!*(&!#%&*(!#%

  4. the thought of my pristine headwear sitting on that fergot’s stupid bank humping face ball enrages me.

    go fuck your bank, jerk. hard to do a broadcast without GEAR, you GOD DAMN QUEER.

    central wisconsin suck.

    haters get dealt with.

  5. it’s not even briguy on the mic… one of those other hustlas from the CWS office. calling car dealerships and banks all day long. cool hustle, bro. take their money… drive up the cost of cars for everyone else and lower our savings account interest rates. just so you can eat and get your hair grease all over all my god damn GEAR*(&!%(*&!#%(&*!#^%

  6. after a commercial break, or halftime, or whenever you GERTS tickle each others balls, a simple, “shouts to the scientist, AND WE’RE BACK…”


  7. encouraging children to pursue the sciences… you could even write it off as a PSA.

    just let me run the cameras.

    i’m just jelly and want in.


  8. washing the mats in the dishwasher blew my mind… i remember we had a big bristle scrub brush on a broomstick and it was a giant hassle and made a huge soapy grease mess. every night. the dishwasher was right there. not sure it was big enough though…

    such dumb kids not willing to think outside the bucket…

  9. It pains me to see you die. This cruel, cruel game. It’s hunger games, bro. But I’m in these games too. I wipe away my cum tears and kill Phil.

    I can’t have Mandeck facing Houston, facing me, next week. Go peacefully on the spike of outlawz’s toothbrush shiv.

  10. We had a pretty big dishwasher, but we had plenty of mats too, so it took a couple of loads. Looking back, though, I wonder just how good of an idea it was. Those things were way gross, and I wonder about residual nastiness on later loads of dishes.

  11. jeopardy disses barry bonds

    i was watching that live and cracked up and explained it to rach-o… there was nothing in the category about symbols or anything… just some cheeky jeopardy writer took a shot at bonds. then i forgot about it… then i saw this story today.

  12. come in close… i just want to say…. one last thing……….. * SPIT IN YOUR FACE *


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