Someone Found That Goddamned Medallion? Good.

Each year I delight in your feverish, paranoid riddle-humping conspiracy theories but I can only stand them for so long. So an underpaid newspaper staffer hid a dirty puck in a pair of jeans with a terrible poop stain and that’s wholesome family entertainment that we’re all supposed to get behind? You’re a state of perverts and lunatics, Minnesota.

Hey look, that guy that kcar hates is being reported on by The AV Club. I’m not his biggest fan, but at least I don’t hate the guy!

Bitcoin is so yesterday. I turned my GPU into a DOGECOIN MINING RIG. TO THE MOON. SUCH DOGE.

79 thoughts on “Someone Found That Goddamned Medallion? Good.

  1. lucid and human yet metaphysically emotional interactions Shaka laka do!Shaka laka doobie doobie do!

  2. re-reading that article, it’s not as good as i drunkenly remember… fight time i just skimmed the PHS parts… reading the whole thing is a bit of a pain. feels like college paper padded with meaningless sentences to get the word count up. also didn’t like all the preachy “this is how stories work” stuff. they don’t HAVE to work like that, so the author seems preachy.

    sarayu was the MacGuffin in “dealing with idiots”. basically same cameo that PSH made… sweep in, hit the star with completely fair strikes to the achilles over and over, then leave.

  3. all the spin today is going towards philly died because of the war on drugs, and regulated heroin would have been much safer for him.

    it’s almost like americans aren’t ASLEEP.

    i don’t care anymore. make everything illegal. let’s play guns FOR KEEPS.

    spoiler alert: i’ve been practicing

  4. Fight time had me way intrigued. That is how a story works, bro.

    I think it is an undergrad paper. I was shocked you liked it. It seems like something you’d hate. I still read it. I read a lot worse errrr day.

  5. i wonder about timmer’s strategy for survival in jungle warfare… do contra skills translate? do FPS twitcher skills translate? are you still thinking? i just shot you.


  6. yeah… re-read i didn’t like it… but drunk on philly thoughts, reading it through the eyes of someone else that appreciated it was still good. a few choice lazy adjectives.

  7. can someone explain to me how the moonshiners on TV can BLOW UP SOMEONE ELSE’S CAR… stuff a giant homemade bomb underneath, then shoot it with a rifle 100 yards away. all on camera. the cops find the car and investigate… they don’t do anything. do the cops not have a TV??? can’t they use the DEA parallel construction and claim they followed tracks back somewhere, then find where they guys buy bullets and claim you found a match. JUST LIE. you’re a cop… who is going to arrest you? you’re above the law. congratulations.



  8. there is nothing more desirable than a sexy woman who hates you… it’s the costanza conjecture. sarayu came out PURE sexy and PURE hateful…. but not like a bitch that was just waiting to pounce on anything… this was a GOOD person being RIGHTFULLY hateful… and way FOOOOOOINE.

    jeff carlin got SERVED.

    unlike old people who reassert themselves with 20 fold middle bets, jeff reasserted his indifference of the opinions of others with indifference. YU won the day.

  9. You playing as chix dix again or changing it up? I really love corn money… I’m not sure what I’m going to do.

  10. marketing dept is chugging sugar free red bulls in the BULL PEN.

    equal amounts of work going into new direction and reenforcing current brand.

    i thought “the 51 year old lesbians” would be hilarious… but cal isn’t very bright and would probably leave his padputerbook laying around and the roommate would look at it and know he was spittin her bizzzzz. ug. maybe just go, “fuck cal” on it, and start thinking color schemes.

  11. the scissor sisters?
    the san francisco clams?

    oh man….
    the SILVER scissor sisters. that gets the “old” spice back in the recipe. GRAY PUBES, BRO.

    i think that is different enough so that cal wouldn’t get in trouble, and maybe just think that he has a thing for old lesbians… and THAT MAKES TOTAL SENSE.

  12. i am the only person that can program his way out of most of the problems in the world. scotch or not. usually scotch.

  13. i watched VGHS all the way through for like 3 days straight… i’ve now absorbed it and cherish those absorbtions.

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