The government don’t want you havin’ no whazzbucks. Some senator is like, “Durr, the _____ industr– er, i mean my constituents are worried about the threat of terrorism.” Jen H. probably acted as the counsel for the Senator.

I registered whazzbucks.com just in case we can get our tiny little idea off the ground. #tothemoon

Not a whole lot else going on in these parts- yes Cal, I’m really excited for UP also. #highheat Just tell my wife I’ll be away for the month of August.

Oops, also wanted to drop a line that I’ll likely be moving around domains and consolidating servers. Gonna try not to have service interrupted on whazzmaster.com but once the move occurs you may see some comments disappear.

17 thoughts on “Whazzbucks?

  1. THIS COMMENT MIGHT BE LOST FOREVER#^(*&!#%^()&*!#%^)&(^#!


    JEN H!#*&(!%#*&()^!#)&*(!#^(*&!#^(*&!&*(^#

  2. i saw seth rogan complained to congress about his mother in law getting alzheimers… then, when they all left when he started his “testimony”, he complained, “they don’t care”.

    uh…… maybe they care enough to go listen to scientists and the people that fund research rather than listen to you score points with your wife. LOOK HONEY! I CARE! I’M DOING SOMETHING(*&!#%&)(!#%^ you’re wasting congresses time. just be quiet. sorry. loved you in that weed movie.

    JEN H, OUT!

  3. check it out… my comment… it’s fading out… you’re losing me…breaking up like in “The Orange Vested Time Traveller” staring Marty McFly what’s that movie called? I was so in love with whatsherface from that movie it’s difficult for me to even speak of it now. she was in pretty in pink too… or the other pretty in pink called some kind of wonderful. christ i saw a lot of those 80’s movies. you’d think i’d be screwed up by now. thank god i am not. also screwed me up: TELEVISION. how many goddam hours slack jawed in front of The Love Boat? I asked you a question. other things from my youth: nintendo. and honey combs. a shitload of honey combs. andaj kjfao j klf jsk

  4. thoughts much better than “comments” need to never be ever in this world. comment comment comment I HAVE THOUGHTS YOU HAVE COMMENTS KEEP YOUR STUPID COMMENTS IN YOUR POCKET! you don’t know that line because you suck.

  5. wahhhhh wahhhhhh wahhhhhhhhhh… my wrist hurts… i can’t work anymore….. send me a check every month for doing nothing other than stinking up the air with my crippleness and then not having to use my free money to pay to park in private spaces in public places.


    FUCK ALL OF YOU IDIOTS. i hope cal is deleted forever along with all the other lawyers. bunch of fuckups. stupid laws for stupid people.


  6. handicapped parking is the scourge of america. MAYBE JUST STAY HOME, TINY TIM.

    oh….. you really really really need to park 50′ closer. WAH WAH WAH. the store is 500′ deep(*&^!#%(&*!^#(&*

    need room to get your stupid tom cruze electric scooter out THAT I ALSO PAID FOR?*(&!#%))(&* how about you park in the back of the lot with all the open space, and then RIDE YOUR GOD DAMNED SCOOTER UP TO THE DOOR. no room in the back of the lot??? how about AROUND THE GOD DAMNED CORNER?????? YOU HAVE A SCOOTER THAT YOU MADE ME PAY FOR, AND NOW YOU’RE TAKING MY PARKING SPOT TOO????#%!()&*!#%)&(#^! AND YOU NEVER HAVE TO PAY FOR METERED PARKING?!#%*()&!&*(#)% WHY?*(&!#%


  7. Fuck this court. Fuck Jim Lahey. Fuck Randy. Fuck those two idiot cops right there. Fuck suit dummies; as a matter of fact fuck legal aid. Fuck Danny and Terry’s Buffalo Chicken Wings. Fuck all the old wood in here. Fuck the moon, fuck corn on the cob, fuck squirrels. Fuck me, fuck you, fuck everything

  8. bitcoin is all over the news… it’s very funny to watch idiot news talking heads read the idiot briefs from idiot news producers from idiot researches from idiots.

    but even those idiots know that they are throwing a pretty hard dig at bitcoin when the worlds largest exchange marketplace was called mt.gox because it stands for magic the gathering online exchange because they got their start facilitating the exchange of paper trading cards.

    idiots are dancing. cal is at peak. he forgot sunglasses.


  9. fuck the ADA… fuck the NAACP… FUCK MADD the most… BITERS.

    we need the Americans with Abilities Act. AAA. give us all a bottle of scotch in the mail every month. WE CAN HANDLE IT. we have abilities. give us batteries. we are out doing things… getting shit done so you ADA MOOCHES can sit on your ass. we need batteries to get things done. we also need computer phones to put those batteries in. and internet access. people without disabilities have to get things done, and we use the internet. it’s a thing. ride your scooter down to the library and LOOK IT UP!#%&)(!%)&(!^#&*()!%#(&*$!(&*%!&*(!^#(*&!#^

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