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Got an interesting email yesterday from Legal Compliance (not lawyer, mind you) at some dumb company because, in 2005, some comment spam promoting their site mysteriously appeared in a wm thread (this one, to be precise). Fast forward to 2014 and now The Google is heavily penalizing that sort of shit link spamming. “Uh oh,” says the stupid company that claims it doesn’t know how its link got there. “Please remove this link as it ‘will also affect search engine visibility and online reputation for both of us.'” Please, Mr. Legal Compliance, as if I give a fuck about the search engine visibility of In fact, perhaps I’ll whip up a new robots.txt to disallow googlebot entirely. So anyways the guy asked me to remove the comment, but then followed it up with:

P.S.:- If those links are not removed in good faith within 48 hours, I will be forced to file legal court-case [sic] to recover possible cost of copyright infringement.

Note the hilariously bad English. Pretty sure this guy has no legal background or authority and just sent these emails out threateningly because Google is fucking up the link farm bullshit scam he built or bought.

Here’s the one part I want to understand: I’m about 99.99999% sure that these dicks contracted out some SEO in 2005, and that contractor sub-contracted and so on and so forth until some Asian comment spammer was paid $0.40 to spam WordPress comments with the shit. They claim “those links were not created by [them] and [they] do not have any ideas about it.” In fact, I think the comment was posted by some malware running on a regular visitor’s computer. My stance is: someone, somewhere got paid to indirectly post links to WordPress sites for this company’s website. In 2005 this was a valid (if disgusting) way to bump your PageRank.

Whatever, here was my response:

Your legal threat has absolutely no weight here, and if your company was doing shitty SEO and SEM in 2005 and fucking up MY website with spam it’s certainly no problem of mine that Google now penalizes you for it.  Fucking copyright infringement? Seriously? Because some shitzipper spammed MY site with YOUR trash? The comment has been deleted; fucking go away.

127 thoughts on “Get This

  1. I’m not trying to goad you, bro. I want you to have a little FUN FUN. It is in your best interest to pass.

  2. didn’t i beat you last year???

    i would love some side action. league points, or dinger rules, or what? twank on both?

    i got 5 firstbasemen, homie. I CAN’T LOSE.

  3. april 1st and 2nd at 8pm maria bamford is doing comedy at that theatre where me and belly lost it to a homeless guy doing a mcdonalds bit.

    stage seems small for her, but i’d love to go.

    she is the only pug fan i know more rabid than wwwwwzzzzzzzzz

  4. why aren’t all MLB players required to wear a full face mask? they forced it in hockey.

    let’s just ruin everything today.

    CAL SUCKS)&(*!#%^)&(!#%^)*(&!%^#)*(&!#^%*()&!^#)&(

  5. my hotdog game is getting pretty solid. i boil them in a shallow egg pan first, then sear on cast iron and place them gently on a bed of condiments on a toasted bun. pair it with an espresso, and get a COMBO DEAL)&!#%)*(&#!^&*(!#%)&*(!#

    have you seen the COAL TITS yet??????????

  6. new TMNT trailer make me ANGRY*)&#!%)(&!^#)(*!^#*()!^#)(*!^#

    WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH MY PRECIOUS)(&!#^)&(*!#^&(*!#^&*()!#^*()!#^(&*!#^

  7. 1. I’m cool with a $20 on the year (total points)… I’d like to also add something for the UP. I was thinking the lower ranked player takes a lake superior dip in a lady swimsuit but those things are expensive, even walmart cheap ones are like $25, at least.

    2. April 1 and 2 are bad play days in my world.

    3. cal is the best (at sucking)

    4. I do my hot dogs a little different. I do the gentle boil followed by a few min under the broiler. I also put the buns in the oven in the lowest rack to get them toasty. I think the two step cooking is the key to both techniques.

  8. b000000000ked.

    open flame direct heat would be nice, but i want an even sear all the way around… that means i have to sit there and turn them by hand. i’m heating up the iron to toast the buns anyways. i don’t like to use oven to toast buns… it toasts the top half too. i want that shit pillow soft on the top, and crispy on the bottom. throw the dogs on the hot iron and they roll themselves and sear even all the way around… just let them roll for 20 seconds.

  9. i got it in my head that i wanted a restaurant called “sausages peppers brews”. everything made in house. beer AND coffee.

    then, i remembered that that madison old wisconsin place or whatever it’s called is basically the same thing. i really want to be eating there right now.

  10. I am up massive on bar pull tabs. I played $20 during the up trip and won $250. Last night $20 became $111.

  11. guess who just got a 1 star review?


    you little indian fucks think you’re clever because you found your old links here?


    DIE SLOW (of malaria).

    EVER HEARD OF A TOILET?!#^()*&!#^)&(!#^

  12. Bro, you are being a little rough on Faustino. Times are tough and that Married with Children money can’t last forever.

  13. grand master B needs to learn a lesson: DON’T START NO SHIT, WON’T BE NO SHIT.

  14. ed o’neil is the only actor that got any backend points in his contract.

    faustino has been broke for years.

  15. Just read his wikipeed. He made a baller rap song dressed like a white eazy E and a web series back in 1999 about being broke and working in a porn shop. I’m actually going to go watch that.

  16. yeah, the web series is A+++ gold. i used to sit and hit refresh on the page when new episodes came out.


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