Let’s Talk BSG

Yo Scientist where you at on BSG? All finished now? It kinda petered out pretty shitily but for awhile it was the bees knees- Spacebee was even watching it fer christ sakes.

No one asked but here’s what I’m currently recording on the ol’ DVR (in no particular order):

  • Space Dandy (he’s a dandy guy in space)
  • Broad City
  • Chozen (probably to be dropped soon)
  • Archer
  • @midnight
  • Kroll Show
  • American Dad
  • Rick and Morty
  • Community
  • Parks & Recreation
  • Bar Rescue
  • Catch a Contractor

I dunno there might be more; Spacebee certainly records about a skrillion episodes of Grey’s Anatomy every day. What mass media are you lunatics consuming these days?

184 thoughts on “Let’s Talk BSG

  1. Bro, you have 4 stolen bases on the year… I stole 4 last night.

    Bro, you have zero saves. You need to be watching the news wire for hot off the presses items like this:

    “Jim Johnson removed as A’s closer. Johnson had more problems on Wednesday, blowing a 4-2 ninth-inning lead to the Twins. The right-hander has allowed nine hits, six walks, and seven earned runs in 3 1/3 innings this season with Oakland. Ryan Cook just got back from the disabled list but profiles best as a fill-in closer. The A’s are going to roll with a committee for now.”

    Bro, I signed Cook last night with a bid of $0. Try to keep up.

  2. what the fuck happened to ultimate warrior???? i saw him on RAW on monday…. looking broken as fuck, and then tuesday he dies.

    a 21 flair chop salute is in order.


  3. Gary Greeneway ยท University of Wisconsin-Madison
    Like I have always said, it pays to cheat and be dumb.

    stay classy, wisco.

    you’re ALL fucking idiots. wait for the bell.

  4. i’m pretty sure the ultimate warrior invented wresting, and mcmahon had him locked up in the basement trying to make fries taste better, but then wrestlemania came around, so he let him out for a few days… he decides to stowaway on the bus to RAW… walks out with his rickety cane, then goes backstage and the miz stuffs him full of rickety chocane. POP goes your heart, homie.


  5. I don’t trust that rancher and his peacefully assembled militia.

    I don’t trust the feds, either.

  6. globe university’s new ad campaign is just pathetic…. they are no claiming they’ll accept credits from anywhere.

    i guess you don’t really care about accreditation if you’re going to globe university, but now everyone else can basically see “globe university” on a resume worthless… perhaps even more worthless than it was before if that is possible.

    wait for the bell.


    more “selective prosecution” in the system… give us money, we won’t prosecute. C.R.E.A.M.

    CREAM. get the money… no justice in the world, y’all.


  8. Cal has his blind date with the comedian on Saturday. Do you have any jokes you want to lend him?

  9. A superb expose by USA Today on NCAA president Mark Emmert, whose resume, as presented here, would make anyone wonder why he has the job he does. The man who wrecked Penn State football has skeletons galore in his closet.

    By Brent Schrotenboer, USA TODAY

    INDIANAPOLIS โ€“ Six years after Mark Emmert left his job at the University of Connecticut, the governor of Connecticut ordered an investigation into a massive construction project on campus that had been ravaged by scandal, including more than $100 million lost because of mismanagement.

    To find out where things went wrong, the investigators looked at old papers of Emmert, who once supervised the project as UConn’s chancellor. They soon found a bombshell.

    Memos from 1998-99 showed that Emmert and two other top UConn officials knew about the construction project’s big problems then, but failed to disclose them to the school’s board of trustees or the state legislature.

    The other two officials ultimately resigned after being placed on leave. The third โ€” Emmert โ€” went on to become president of the NCAA.

    Mark Emmert is corrupt.

  10. the highest paid public employee in *40* states is an NCAA head coach.

    fuck everything. BURN IT DOWN.

    cal sucks. here’s a joke: WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?

  11. looks to me like phil ivey is suing the casino for the money he won, and the casino is counter suing to keep the money that they already gave him an IOU for… and also suing the manufacturer of the cards they used.

  12. student complains to principal of being bullied…. principal claims he is making stuff up… he comes back with video evidence…. principal calls the cops and gets the kid charged with felony wiretapping

    BURN THE SCHOOL TO ASH. BURN THE PRINCIPAL UNTIL HE STOPS SCREAMING…. then piss on him until he’s better, then burn some more…. man… i’m losing steam…. maybe just shoot him in the face and be done with it….


  13. the principal couldn’t let the bullies be charged, or else the highest paid public coach employee would lose their star, AND THAT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.

    find his house…. leave ash. #SIMPLE

  14. going to the principal to solve your problem was the first mistake. SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS ARE USELESS HUMAN BEINGS. useless humans don’t solve problems…. guns and fire solve problems.

    i’ve had football players slam my head into desks and jump on my face, and a teacher stand by and laugh. he’s dead now.


  15. was that jeff ross’ joke on attell’s show last night? i don’t remember it well… way drunk last night.

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  17. yes, your fuckall spambot is no longer able to detect its link URLs. SO SORRY.

    wait…. THE FUCKING “Website” field is back and spam fucks are back spamming it.

    bro. i just released a wordpress plugin today. feel so dirty. holler at me.

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