Brewers just posted their ninth win in a row in a sweep over the Pirates. Hurray! The past few seasons I’ve started slow and faded fast in my Brewers TV game watching (though I’ve consistently listened in on games on the radio). Watching them win on the road and ruin other (former champ!) teams’ Opening Days has been quite a treat though.

Wwhazz and I talked about taking the tots to a day game sometime this summer; I haven’t been to a Brewers game at all since that NLDS game back in 2011.

317 thoughts on “STREAK~!

  1. cuddy is back next week. francisco is filling my emptiest bucket.

    1st rule of roto club: no punting.


  2. weird price is right today… at the beginning where everyone is crazy excited, a bunch of people started sitting down… then they would pop back up as they saw other people standing, but by the 2nd name called, EVERYONE was sitting down. real weird. i think someone could do a PhD thesis on the group think and instigators that made it happen. this is what you’ve been waiting in line for 5 hours for… STAND THE FUCK UP. GO CRAZY.


  3. i offered trout to timmer and didn’t ask for braun and he said no. i offered him to other people… added in a pretty good guy and asked for their best 2 guys… no go. offered for their best guy and so-so guy… no. cuddy + kuntrod was what i wanted. we’ll see… i’ve fallen off since the trade, but i think i’m still net up on where i’d be without having done it…

  4. abbradibbadow was a classic packers draft… give the local boy a nod. #CRONIE

    olivia should break it off with arod, bang the badow, and all season long rodgers will hatefuck the ball right into his hands.


  5. BRO, we BOTH got that stank on us.

    i can tell. I CAN TELL!#%(*^!#%(^*!#%()&*!%#*(&!^#*(&!^#)&*(!^#

  6. card services is now calling my house and claiming to be the wisconsin state police… and they did it on my voicemail without masking the caller ID. WHO WANTS THE CASE?

    or is felony impersonation not something the justice department is interest in pursuing as it doesn’t align with their “core values” of getting re-elected?


  7. That does seem pretty illegal and sueable. Onezzy, can we get a ruling? I’d ask cal, but… you know.


  8. Astros manager Bo Porter said Friday that he will use Chad Qualls to close games.

    The price just went up, dikturd.

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