Price is Right Behind the Scenes

Scientist probably already saw this but if not I thought he’d get a kick out of it:

Not much else going on at this point. Just waiting to get old and die.

163 thoughts on “Price is Right Behind the Scenes

  1. DUI becomes a felony in Wisco either: (1) on the fifth offense; or (2) on the fourth offense if the fourth offense occurs within five years of the previous offense. State and federal law prohibits felons from owning guns.

  2. after you’re a felon, you’re a felon for life? like the sex offender registry? 17 year old dates 15 year old, then hooks up on their 18th birthday and they can’t live near a school for the rest of their life?

    seems fair.

  3. our water heater stopped working. we had stipulation to get a brand new one when we bought the house over 3 years ago, so we got the top of the line… it came with 6 year warrantee… called the warrantee number and instead of coming out and fixing it, they made my wife write down all the instructions to fix what was likely the problem, and then she handed that off to me.

    2) i can fix water heaters now

    didn’t help any that the fuckers used security screws to seal it up… seemingly to specifically stop me from doing the thing they were asking me to do so they didn’t have to do their fucking job. thanks for that, JERKS)&*!#%)&*!#%&)*(!#%*()!%#

  4. also had a big ass velvety rack buck in the back yard. thought he would run away right when i opened the back door, but i just kept walking closer and closer until it seemed like he was about to walk up to me. he eventually just turned around and kept eating leaves while wiggling his tail feathers.

    at what point could i kill and eat him under some form of “stand your ground” law? he was eating my leaves. WHERE IS MY JUSTICE?#*)(%&^!#)(&^)(&!#^

  5. funniest part about those shady warrantee schmucks, they used “star of david” security screws.

    “standard or phillips?”

    “pass me the jew bit”

  6. I was in San Diego this month and saw many people wearing buttons mourning the loss of hometown hero Tony Gwynn. Back home, I really admired seeing one of our own Arizona Diamondbacks, Addison Reed, announcing he had quit chew after learning how it contributed to Gwynn’s death. Gywnn had been Reed’s coach at San Diego State.

    I hope this becomes a call to action for all baseball players, young and old.

    For Arizonans who want to follow in Reed’s footsteps, the Arizona Smokers’ Helpline is here to help.

    It helps to have a great coach to assist you in kicking a deadly addiction.

    Call 1-800-55-66-222 or visit to get started.

    — Laurie Thomas,

  7. Felon status is for life. sex offender registry not necessarily. Some people are on that just for some period of time (10 years I think) others for life.

    Only way out of felon issue is to get a pardon from the governor. This governor has declared he isn’t giving any pardons.


  8. Only way out of felon issue is to get a pardon from the governor.”… what about revolution? is that no longer the duty of the oppressed? careful with those absolute adjectives, counselor.


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