Dang Colorado, You Crazy

Just got back from our annual Colorado vacation. It was pretty fun, though all of the in-laws were there so it was pretty busy and there wasn’t a lot of time to ourselves. I did the downhill trails with the father-in-law again this year but I had a GoPro strapped to the bike this time. Once I get my camera equipment back I’ll scrap together a video of the highlights (if there are any- it may just be me slowly going down a mountain.)

70 thoughts on “Dang Colorado, You Crazy

  1. Everyone knows not to use the stupid app.

    And were millions of people fucking drafting last night? There is still like 11 days before kick off. This is a slight inconvenience at worst.

  2. could you pick an earlier draft day? wasn’t that sunday night game the last preseason game? sorta makes sense to do it then if you want to do it on the weekend, and next weekend is too late.

    my internet went out most of saturday again… phone app is my only backup other than schlepping over to starbucks.

  3. That reporter is an alarmist hack. I highly doubt there were “millions” drafting last night. Yet, she writes:

    “Fantasy football may be a virtual game, but there was nothing virtual about the disgust directed at Yahoo Sunday after its fantasy football Web site went crazy on a crucial night when millions draft their players for the season.”

    Later she writes, “Millions of people play fantasy football but it’s not clear how many were affected by the Yahoo outage.”

    That crap about waiting until the third game is also horse shit. Dudes draft all the damn time. It’s more dangerous to wait out weed suspensions than injury. I could have set the draft for July 4th if you wanted to get weird. I just always make it the Thursday before the first Thursday game.

    I also love how her research for this article is a few tweets from random idiots. What outrage!!!!

    Yahoo is yahoo, but CBS is beyond terrible. It’s like quadruple the clicks. Maybe ESPN is better, but I doubt it.

  4. i saw someone complaining on twitter and then found the article… but it could be a giant ESPN put-on… businesses are getting more and more blatant with their anticompetitiveness. if only they would start shooting each other LIKE MEN. enough of this pussy-footing-dine-and-dash uber vs lyft BS. GUNS.


  5. well… what if you had your draft set, and people flying in to party, and the shit broke… could you even just undo the draft and redo it? or would you have to create a new league and start over some other day?

    i can already smell that timer ticking down… 2 minutes, bro… you now have all the information you need…. make the pick.

  6. i just got snapchats of my old league doing their draft tonight. i can’t handle more than 1. anything more and it’s not fantasy football… it’s football fantasies…


  7. fucking baseball gave me a kick in the nutz today… checked in right as the games were starting… 3 runs, 1 HR, 4 RBI, batting 1.000…. OHHHHHHHH SHIT!! gonna be a good day.

    check back now, all games almost done… 3 runs, 1 HR, 4 RBI, batting .200… absolutely nothing else. ug.

  8. You can reset the draft 3 times. What idiots are flying in to draft on Sunday night? Lords day, bro. Maybe god broke yahooooo.

    I agree: one football is enough. Supplement with bukkake cards as needed.



    another manslaughter deemed legal.

    it’s dangerous to text and drive… ILLEGAL! but… cops are smarter than you, so they can do it. U-turn lanes on the freeway… NOT FOR YOU! ILLEGAL! but…. cops are smarter than you, so they can turn around there… and in the duty of that turning around, if they want to camp out and wait for you to speed before they pull out in busy fast traffic, they can, BECAUSE THEY ARE BETTER THAN YOU. THEY DESERVE MORE RIGHTS. DO NOT BLOW THEM UP. YOU ARE A LOWER LIFEFORM THAN THEM. PAY THEM. PAY THEM MORE. PAY THEIR UNION REPS WHO DO NOTHING FOR YOU. PAY THEM MORE.


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