If You Can See This…

…then the DNS has cut over to the new whazzmaster.com server. After eight-ish years with RimuHosting I’ve switched the main whazzmaster wordpress install to Digital Ocean. I’ve really loved the support I’ve received from Rimu, but I made some mistakes and got stuck on Ubuntu 8.08, which left me unable to upgrade to the latest versions of some software I needed and thus vulnerable to the cavalcade of new, exciting exploits.

The general plan is to wait until the DNS works on the new server, then switch DNS providers for whazzmaster to DNSimple, which is where I’m consolidating all of my DNS records. After all that settles down the plan is to cancel my Rimu account and then setup whazzmaster for SSL. I found an interesting SSL reseller I want to try out.

I have more exciting news this week but it will have to wait until Tuesday.

102 thoughts on “If You Can See This…

  1. that one dude selling the obit has 100s of listings… basically just cuts them out of the LA Times, and sells for ~$10 each.

    i’d like to meet that guy.


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