So Long, Intuit

So, thirteen years later I’m leaving my software-man job at Intuit. In 2001 I graduated from college and moved all my shit out to San Jose to live with the madddddddddd scientist and Kim. This was before he was the maddddddddd scientist though, Judd had yet to christen him with the name.

Ah the early days in California: listening the City Spud and the Saint Lunatics, playing Whazz and drinking High Life. Every weekend heading down to the Mission Ale House to do… something. Still not sure what. Then came a wife, then a divorce and a move back home. Even while my life was going through weird shitphases my job was stable and (mostly) unchanging.

Now I’m headed to something a little different here in Madison. I started Monday at and I’m really excited. I can’t wait to taste a job that isn’t an Ultra-Mega Corporation.

73 thoughts on “So Long, Intuit

  1. nope. worse than ever.

    at the poker table i put one in, and the guy sitting next to me says, “they don’t let you do that here”…. i say, “i won’t spit”… then he decides to make an enemy, “if i see you spit i’ll smack it out of your mouth”….

    mother fucker. i just said i won’t spit. you calling me a liar? i should smack your retarded mouth.

    i busted him about 10 minutes later.


  2. mopar made their own wireless charging spec that was offered as an option on a lot of american cars… but it used conductive tech not sure how it all worked, but nobody liked it.

    just this year everyone is switching to inductive tech, and Qi is leading the way. it’s A2K compliant though… this is all world war 1 tech.

    aperture science…. doing the science… so you get the stuff…. APERTURE SCIENCE(*!#%&(*&!#%&*(!#)&*(!#^

    WHERE IS PORTAL 3?()&*!#%^)(&*!#^&)(!#^

  3. mopar is parts company under chrysler, llc… i think they own dodge, chrysler (duh), jeep, fiat, and a few others… but when you try to roll your own on something that is interfacing with things built by others… you’re basically trying to skim slide across a lava flow.

    cars are super hesitant to even put “aux in” in cars, because they don’t want to hear support or service claims for “the music from my phone isn’t playing”… when the problem is either her phone is broken, or she kept yanking on the cord and the aux in plug is broken. AND the people who invented the headphone jack are going to require you to license their patents before you can sell them in your cars. fucking shakedown time.

    Qi is by the people that brought you HDMI… an open consortium of almost all the major tech players (except apple). they have a shared shell company to hold the patents. SIMG. i reco’d their stock at 4 for the last 2 years. it sat about flat, and it pissed me off a little how they weren’t squeezing their market at all… just take it all for free… i see stock is 6.86 now, so maybe i wasn’t dumb after all.


  4. whoa… all that SIMG action was in last month… steady slide down to 4, then spiked to 7.50.

    as far as investing in technology… that is where the real power is. that is fucking nasty nick. you want to put your money in alien alan? a little DELL? go for it. #GOODLUCKBRO

  5. i have no clue who thought it was a good idea to have conductive wireless… you just want to be zapping around raw energy? you don’t see a problem with this? never heard of SURGES or other interference? your device is going to blow up pretty much instantly.

    inductive tech is like zapping something that INDUCES something else to absorb that, and then passively convert that into a steady stream of clean energy. pretty obvious this is how things should work. it’s like having the breaker built into the plug in your bathroom.

    Qi is getting built into conference room tables, and lots of businesses that have free wi-fi are building charge mats into their tables as well.

    put them everywhere.

  6. yeah, someone should really sue journal communications… they blast these crazy radio signals at 50,000 watts over most of the state. THEY HAVE THE LARGEST COVERAGE AREA OF ANY SIGNAL IN AMERICA.

    think of all the nuts. no one is doing anything. fucking cowards. POLICE ARE LETTING THIS HAPPEN.


  7. AHHHHHH JONATHAN GREEN IS IN MY NUTZ)*&%#)&*!%#&*)!^)&(*!^#

    OH NO!!!! A TRAFFIC GUY IN A HELICOPTER)&(#!%)*(&!%#)*(&!^#)&(!^# THE BLADES ARE CUTTING MY BALLS)&!%#)&!#^%)&*!#^)&*(!#^

    ELECTRIC LIGHTS ARE FOR HEATHANS)&#!^&*()!#%*&!#^&*()

  8. the Qi charge mat has a circle in the middle… that is the only part that transmits… it’s a ring, and broadcast signal radiates around it, so it makes a butthole of signal that is constantly sucking in on itself. way gay. the signal is then kept localized, and that crazy convergence point is what the thing on your phone uses to induce it’s own power source.

    i’m going to walk across the country electrocuting goats until everyone believes me.

  9. moneyballz… get me that product review when you’ve got everything set up. i’m taking personal liability on this venture. FRIED NUTZ ARE ON ME.


  10. hey, want to watch me tie this shit altogether like a fucking BOSS???

    WTMJ covers man in wauwatosa fighting the city on installing smart meters

    i did the same thing on an installer that came to my house… he said he would have to come back to install something new. i told him no. i told him to take all the other shit with him too. he said he couldn’t. SO, FUCK OFF, THEN.

    if this guy can shut down the water company, we can all shut out all radio stations around the world. it’s witch magic. it is frying all of our balls. every single kind of ball. they are all TOAST.

    before radio signals, there wasn’t a 9/11… after radio signals: 9/11. KEEP LETTING THE TERRORISTS WIN(*!#%&)*(!#%&*()!#^)&(!^#


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