Qi for President

Scientist has been agitating for the the native Samsung Galaxy S5 wireless charging via the Qi standard for quite awhile now, and so when we got together at The Chalet last weekend I opened my laptop to Amazon.com and told him, “Tell me what to buy so that I have what you have.”

For about a week now I’ve been using Qi exclusively to charge my phone, and I’m here to back up Scientist. It’s great, it’s not gonna fry your nuts, and too bad you iPhone-using schlubs won’t ever experience how great it is.

The list of Pros heavily outweighs the Cons, but let’s get down to it:


* I don’t have the facilities (e.g., fingernails) to easily open the S5’s waterproof USB port cover, so this makes it just a million times easier to throw down and start charging.
* I use a couple of different custom alarms for waking up to work out at home or head to the gym, and so it makes it so much easier to snatch the phone off my nightstand in the morning and turn off the alarm rather than grab it, disconnect the USB cable since it’s so short, and then turn it off.
* The charging pads Scientist suggested were reasonably priced enough for me to buy three of them (plus the external battery unit) so I have one on my nightstand, one on the first floor of my house, and one by my desk at work. Coupled with the external battery version, it’s super simple to just toss it on a pad wherever I’m at.


* The only con I’ve seen is that the charging is slower through Qi than through the USB cable. If you have a dead battery and need to charge up as much as possible as soon as possible then USB will be a better option. This is offset so far, though, as my phone is almost never dead because it’s much easier to charge as I go.
* The factory Qi battery cover does make the phone thicker (by about 3mm), but that was mitigated for me by the fact that I switched out cases when I bought the new back and the case was smaller so the net result was a thinner profile for me.


84 thoughts on “Qi for President

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  4. I didn’t get a chance to watch the Jones fight but there were a few cool moments. If you scroll down into the comments you can see some gifs of this moment:

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  5. That is the first time I saw someone pretend the fight was over to get out of a takedown attempt. The fact that he followed it up with a head shot gets some extra style points.

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    I spent my morning reading what UFC fighters had to say on twitter. This one was my favorite:

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  14. whoa… staying on topic… all the Qi competitors have just decided to merge

    fuck all those haters. you make shit and want to make it shittier by having all of everyones’ shit rather than just your shit, and because of that, even your shit is worse, but at least it supports all the other shit, so the shit consumer can use one piece of shit to do all the shitty things they want. so fucking dumb. Qi is done. it works. it works RIGHT. fuck all the haters. A4WP… fuck you. “Alliance for Wireless Power”… wow… you made “for” a “4”… like an 11 year old gurl would do. YOU SUCK. PMA… fuck you. “Power Matters Alliance”… better watch out for the ferengis, NERDS.

    WPC is the shit. they get things done. they do it right. they work together, hammer out the spec, and build stuff that works. “Wireless Power Consortium”… that’s all they do. they don’t feign to preach about what does and doesn’t matter… they are about wireless power. that’s it. they consort to get that done, solely.

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