I’m cleaning out my closet, y’all.

Spacebee and I are relatively healthy now, but the kid’s sickness continues. He’s had some sort of flu, cold, puking, diarrhea, and/or runny nose since Thanksgiving. It’s getting tiring waking up to a crib covered in puke and diarrhea these days. I attribute it mostly to the Den Of Germs that is his day care, but c’mon kid get some immunity already.

Things are going pretty well at work these days- I’ve had a hectic few weeks working to get a client’s web application working on mobile, as well as putting in a day here and there at YWeb helping out the students as they turn from HTML/CSS to Javascript and Git.

Now that some┬átime has passed since changing jobs I have more perspective on the changes, and I’m more enthusiastic than ever. Love my coworkers, and I’m it’s humbling to be learning new things daily compared to the rut I was stuck in at Intuit. Technology, client relation skills, project management; the list goes on. It’s also great to be closer to the Madison developer┬ácommunity- seeing folks more regularly that I used to only see a couple times a year.

Finally, now that the weather is nice it’s so much more satisfying working in an office on the capitol square in Madison. Going for walks, eating at the food carts, seeing the crowds out and about- it sure chases the seasonal depression away.

229 thoughts on “Springtime~!

  1. total brewers stock price market cap in 1996 when stadium tax was enacted: $96M.

    total money flat out GIVEN to brewers since stadium tax: OVER $1B.

    so why don’t the taxpayers own the team? why didn’t the taxpayers just buy the team instead of give $1B to private dirty italians? analnasalbro is suckfuck.

  2. 1. Yep, it’s sick. This frontline is my fav on the subject:

    2. Only the common man tix were 1/2 price. The expensive ones were full price. We were sitting by a combo of rich people (prob the owners of Globe Uni) and bums (me and oneil, other Globe students) who bought tickets off bums. Most of our area seemed to be season ticket holders. The nice lady next to us had a clear plastic beer cup full of ice and well-trimmed carrots. I asked her where she bought it and she said it was from the catered area. For a moment, I was excited by the prospect of a carrots salesman roaming the bleachers. CARROTS! GET YER CARROTS!!! The lady said the rest of the food was junk this year. She offered both me and oneil a carrot. We both accepted.

  3. eh… who cares. rich get rich… too rich to keep all their money in a failing dollar, so they put it in banks who take a deep dip for themselves, that JP Morgan guy pays a few milly to have filipino man-boys shove coke up his dikhole, then they invest in hedge funds who dip dip dip and invest in tech companies who pay me to do bullshit. trickle up economics. the way god intended. THANKS, GLOBE UNIVERSITY!


  4. “i got offered the only job my ‘degree’ led to before i even graduated! YIPEE!!! GLOBE IS THE BEST!”

    “uh… so why are you still going? why go at all?”

    “ummmm…. i didn’t take that course.”


  5. so… is the problem that the Globe teachers don’t really have any other options? like the “real” universities churned out too many graduates in primarily academic-only based disciplines like art history, philosophy… so in a now saturated (on never existant) market in the private sector of their discipline, running the education pyramid game to the ground is their only move? just like lawyers. cal’s future is handling cases of neighbor disputes about cat names. YOU CANT NAME YOUR CAT THAT)&*(!#%^&*()!#^&*()!^# FREEDOM ISN’T FREE)(&!#%&)*(!#%)*(&!#^%

  6. i kid because i love. i build robots to destroy us all. whoops. never saw it coming. don’t even remember just admitting it. back to work. THANKS, INVESTORS! my robots are the best and will kill the most. you are SMART to invest in me… you’d have to be dumb to not be educated by a SMART person. win win win.


  7. can you legally name a cat “that”?

    It’s in the Canadian Criminal Code, eh. Like there’s legal precedence set in cases in law, eh?

  8. i think i had a minor fantasy break thru… i’m thinking baseball and trying to build a strong baseball team. taking the guy in NBA JAM with all 7s rather than a guy with a couple 10s and a 5. my “don’t waste a UTIL spot if i don’t have to” mentality of making sure my 2B and C slots are used is in a way very smart, because i’m going to play the guy and use a slot either way, so might as well save the wildcard UTIL spot for later… when i really should have not played that guy at all, and been balls out to get the best guys to burn all my UTIL until i’m maxed and then start adjusting.

    i don’t need your classes. i don’t need books. i just need a couch and some flowers. globe university should sell couches for $100,000

  9. i love the 2B/OF guys just so i can do this move, and it’s dumb. they are late season niche value… like a trump 10… and i’m leading my season with it. that’s for picking up the last trick, IDIOT)(&#^!)&(!#^)&(!#^)&(*!^

    i never should have gone alone.

  10. this installment of euchre fan fiction was brought to you by HULU PLUS)(&!#%&*()!#%(&*!%^#(&*)!^#

  11. I was thinking about inviting you to a custom league:

    4 catchers
    5 pitchers

    Only categories are highest whip and games played.

    You will dominate.

  12. how to manage by counSELL… down by 2 in the 9th… closer has pitched in days, but you just had the bases loaded in the 8th and scored a couple and are looking to score again.

    so, no kuntrod… who then? i know… remember how we sent w00ten down yesterday after letting him face 1 guy, taking him out and letting the next guy give up 7 runs in an inning? well, the kuntzler was the jerk they brought back up… you know… because he didn’t win a game in the minors, and held a 7 ERA against CHUMPS… genius. of course he gives up a HR to his first batter. streaks on the china, bro… WHO CARES. but it doesn’t matter anyways… no way brewers get 2 runs in the 9th… oh… but then braun blasts a 3 run HR… TO WIN!!! yeah! oh wait… no… not to win, because we didn’t fight to stay close, still down a run.


    buy gold, sell coun. #ALLDAY


  13. yo cal, do you want to be chief counsel on my new patent for VR headset based augmented reality system to completely replace digger’s hotline?

    why pay some STUPID HUMAN to go to like 2 houses a day on some union bullshit government pension job to SPRAY PAINT YOUR GRASS. hey… thanks asshole. if anyone else did it, it would be vandalism… but you’re the boss.

    come on cal… let’s kill some humans with robots. you already quit chaw… you’re basically quitting the human experience… have you seen these robots? they’re pretty good.

    P.S. DON’T TELL ANYONE. not sure if my scream into the forest counts as a patent…. i mean… you know how fucked the legal system is.

  14. yo cal… remember those golf trainer clubs that would go limp if you swing them wrong? we’ll combine the VR augmented reality digger’s hotline stuff with a shovel that will go limp as your dik every time you’re standing over something you shouldn’t dig into.

    CHIEF counsel , bro. a real job. quit that court mopping bullshit and lets get rich.

  15. cal, you are just stupid as hell.

    “at least i have chicken.”


  16. bill burr is quitting the NFL too… over suspending pretty boy with no evidence based on mouth breather opinions.


  17. yes i do. it liked small concentric circles. yeah, girl.

    i am convinced front row amy has a side project going of quick-cuts of her at the game. a foul tip just came close, and she flinched, but even with no net, it wouldn’t have hit her. she vigorously went to her score sheet to take notes. somewhere there is a highlight reel in progress. i’d like to see it.

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