Been awhile since I rapped atcha, hombres. Listening to wwhazz yammer about daily fantasy got to a breaking point where I created an account at Fanduel. I expect all my money to be dead money but perhaps some of wwhazz’s ancient wisdom will filter down to me and I’ll win $2.50 on a $1 entry. If only I could take five catchers a day; I’d live scientist’s dream.


114 thoughts on “FanDuel

  1. I think it SHOULD be legal to hit cop dogs. I think it SHOULD be illegal to kick people and dogs out of casinos.

    I’m not sure how I feel about hitting cop dogs who are kicked out of casinos.


    In the end, we are left with more questions than answers, but isn’t that the purpose of a great literature? File this one away, boys: it might come in handy as trivia in a medallion hunt.


  2. hey, CHEVY, and the moron “actors” in your commercials…. “wifi in the car… that’s the dream”…

    THE dream??!#*(%^!#&*!# why the fuck would that be anyones dream? what will the dream be next year? your own LTE towers running off the wifi in my car running off the LTE towers? is that the dream? is the dream to pay for your cell phone bill AND your car’s cell phone bill just so you can use your cell phone in the car?

    fuck all you idiots. THAT’S THE DREAM.

  3. hey, how about this for a dream… SPRINT… you COCK SMOKERS… how about you turn on the hotspot service that the phones you provide are already capable of, instead of charging a $15+/month charge to flip a bit on my phone so the software works? it would make SOOOOOOOO many young richly toned female actors’ dreams come true. ARE YOU AGAINST MAKING THOSE DREAMS COME TRUE? donald trump tried that shit, bro. #FIRED.

    don’t be fuckkkunts, sprint. flip my bit. don’t charge me, bro. IT IS MY DREAM.

  4. the revolution of broadcast television will come with the ability of an ISP subscriber to install the NFL-connect app and be compensated/discounted for quality retransmission signal.

    roger goodell did not pay me off to say he is great. it’s just obvious that he is great. the NFL is great and everything is great.

  5. 25 Gs to leave my dik is a WWE butt for an entire week?!?!?! it’s like they brought back the confederate flag.


  6. i fuck 10 bitches, then i fuck 10 more
    i fuck 10 whores before i fuck 10 doors
    i adore everything that i fuck through a door
    and if you ignore this then close your ears
    i fucked cal’s mom twice, 1 right after the next
    then i fucked cal’s dad and called it cal dad sex
    i fucked 20 more whores because i got the cash
    then i fucked on a bridge, cause i’m down with nash.

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