The Corporation

Hola amigos, been awhile since I rapped atcha.

I went out to SF two weeks ago and saw Cal and his amazing Technicolor biker bar behind the Sf Chronicle building. I drank great coffee at Sightglass Coffee and had some amazing dinners all over town with a bunch of folks. Once again I was glad to not live there but it was great to visit.

The first YWeb class graduated in May and we now have one of the students working with us at Adorable. The second cohort is now underway but this session will be 10 weeks instead of the previous ~8 months so the schedule is much advanced (i.e., I need to get off my ass and recruit volunteers for the mock interviews in August.)

Happy to be part of the Corporation with wwhazz and timmer; we’ll see if that goes anywhere.

I’ll be reporting live from Colorado in a few weeks, so stay tuned for additional info!

145 thoughts on “The Corporation

  1. in REALwaukee… we’re doing things OUR way… not your way, OBAMA)&*!#%&*(!#%&*(!#%)&*()(&!#%

  2. look… we need to talk asimov laws…

    smart phone computer robot can’t “HARM” a human…

    is wasting my time to benefit “creators” a “HARM” to me, or is TIME not a human right?

    fucking winzip forcing me to wait for it to count to 150 to zip up my shit using the same retarded huffman encoded i implemented in logic circuits in sophomore year?? no, winzip…. FUCK YOU. ZIP MY SHIT. i’m not give you $10 or $20 or whatever the fuck silly number of bitshits you’re demanding to cease wasting my time. you can go SIT ON IT.

    all of you fucks.


  3. it may turn out that the moral thing to do was not the right thing to do.

    YOU CAN’T LEGISLATE PICARD(&*%!#)(&!#%()&*!%#(&*!#%

  4. brooklyn bridge = 84.3 m
    new cliff record = 58.8 m

    people have lived jumping off the bridge, so that record seems dumb… any jump should count. what if a freak grew flying squirrel wings out of skin?

  5. colin quinn “unconstitutional” (on netflix) is sadly good. WAY good. so good at pointing out #FUCKAMERICA that you’ll be sad.


  6. i’m just breaking balls, bro.

    fiers got to celebrate with MUC GUH HEE *AND* GO GO… might as well have been a brewers game. everyone else can suck ducks.

  7. that cliff jumping record is really pissing me off… if the rules are “bridges aren’t natural… you have to jump off rock”… ok… fine… but this new asshat built a little unnatural bridge platform that extended out over the rock. why would his jump count and brooklyn bridge jumpers not count? it’s all fucking rigged and i’m done with it all.


  8. a subway franchise owner sent subway corporate text messages she received from jared asking for her to set him up with her underage cousin.


    whooooops! guess all those doctors associates and their associates decided to invest in the wrong banana stand. POOF. subway disappears.


  9. whoops… forgot the JUICY delicious part: IN 2008(*&!#%(&^*!%#^&*(!#%

    i can see it taking 7 years to read a text message, though…. it could be 140 characters!!

  10. it’s funny because it’s true AND it’s true. he was like .5% before he got fired, and 0% after. it’s a math joke. WHY AREN’T YOU LAUGHING YOU IDIOTS)&!#%(&*!%#&)*(!%#)*(!#%*()!#%^

  11. HE COMPARED MUSLIM EXPREMEISTS TO NAZI EXTREMISTS%#)&!#%)(&!%#)(&!%* SOMEONE IS MAD ABOUT SOMETHING)(&!#%)(*&!#%*(&!#^)(*&!^#&)(*!^#()*!^# WHY CAN’T YOU UNDERSTAND?!#%*(&!#%)(&*!#%*()!#%

    thanks, obama.

  12. 1. Schilling is a little bitch (with or without his stupid tweets).
    2. Gomez is a MAN:

    3. The corporation is in its final days, ends Friday. $1750 is now $940.
    4. There was a cool story on fantasy radio this AM about a fantasy football team that was co managed by Prince and Muchgeeeeeee. Prince paid the entry and Muck-eeee did the work. They won the league and got in a big argument about who get the trophy.

  13. getting real sick of tv news talking about tv news people getting shot.



    gang shooting? WHO CARES! drop kick their jacket.

    FUCK TV. where is the TV show that criticizes advertisers? bunch of COWARDS. the daily show was sooooooooo fucking courageous to attack msnbc and fox news and cnn, but NEVER talk about the advertisers that make it possible. fuck advertising. fuck tv anchors. fuck tv cameramen.


  14. The story about the flowers is pretty, but these two sentences really caught my eye:

    1. Don Jaquish met Babbette in a grain bin in 1982.
    This sentence needs more sentences.

    2. She worked at a farm implement company, he’s been a cash grain farmer for decades.

  15. yes, i know the farm… that is right by the nuclear site that was supposed to power most of wisconsin for less than nothing, but the coal industry and you hippies teamed up to shut it down. now it’s a beautiful nature reserve with giant snake rivers that were meant to cool reactors… now they cool big pike before packs of coyotes and herds of would-be babe winkelmans snatch them up. lots of turtles too. love the area. lots and lots of pure dumps. some lots with just a single cinderblock home. not sure what color meth they are making in there… then, across the street, a simply magnificent farm. it’s for sale too with all the deaths. our neighbors know the family. they are asking something like 900k for it. pool and tennis courts, bro… but somehow authentic old wisconsin charm. like some baller in 1837 sat on his porch and wanted a galdarn swimmin hole and engineered a solution on par with the best modern offerings, and far above the modern suburb ubiquitous solution. same with the tennis court… but pretty easy… flat… hard… net… but, it’s there. obviously they don’t need the season crop to get by, but it’s always perfect. usually big corn. now pretty weed flowers. i just harvested all mine before they blew up. too much work later for like a day of glory before a squirrel bends them to fuck and #CHOMPS

  16. can someone explain why my tax dollars were used to build a temple for men to hit white balls, and sold off the “official training restaurant” designation, including prominent placard placement behind the “home” plate, to a company that spent the last 7 years burying pedophilia claims against their star spokesperson? this is how government works? take my money and use it to drive more money to pedophiles? if i was down with that, i could just join the catholic church.


  17. i don’t care about the bucks, because i figure i can orchestrate a big OOPS moment ala miller roof. spend all the money you want, politicos… that fucker is coming right back down. anarchy now. #BOOM

  18. this country is a dump and the people are shit. most of them more than deserve to die… they are asking for it.


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