The Corporation

Hola amigos, been awhile since I rapped atcha.

I went out to SF two weeks ago and saw Cal and his amazing Technicolor biker bar behind the Sf Chronicle building. I drank great coffee at Sightglass Coffee and had some amazing dinners all over town with a bunch of folks. Once again I was glad to not live there but it was great to visit.

The first YWeb class graduated in May and we now have one of the students working with us at Adorable. The second cohort is now underway but this session will be 10 weeks instead of the previous ~8 months so the schedule is much advanced (i.e., I need to get off my ass and recruit volunteers for the mock interviews in August.)

Happy to be part of the Corporation with wwhazz and timmer; we’ll see if that goes anywhere.

I’ll be reporting live from Colorado in a few weeks, so stay tuned for additional info!

145 thoughts on “The Corporation

  1. yup, but these idiots buying up all the slots are just thrashing each other… probably still best to buy small batches of cards that don’t adhere to any of the top 5 likely core models. what is the weather supposed to be? 80% chance of rain? BET ON SUNSHINE.

    the real problem is when the “skill” of the game is simply having the most money and browser automation software, then it’s no longer a true game of skill, and lots of idiots are going to invest and lose a ton of money. how this shit is legal and poker is illegal is the biggest batch of horseshit i’ve ever had shoved up my twat.

    fuck draft kings. fuck gino the ginny XL. fuck mobb deep. fuck america.

  2. uggggg…. guess i have to adapt. LET ME DUEL SOME FANS)*(&!#%*&()!#%(&*#!(&*!#%

    spending my days adapting to the bastardization of HTML… asshole half par dicks fighting about “designers” vs “coders”… union BS. SURELY, 1 PERSON COULDN’T DO THIS JOB*(&!#%*&(!#% it requires a designer AND a coder. you see…. developers aren’t good at talking to designers… i deal with the goddamn designers so the coders don’t have to… surely they need a manager, and a manager manager and constant internship programs to ensure disposable “designer only” and “coder only” droids for eternity. a single “engineer” to do this all???? DOESN’T EXIST, WE KILLED THEM ALL. stupid engineers designing systems to output HTML. you want that to work on mobile? WELCOME TO 2 CODEBASES, JERK*(&)!#%*()&%#!&*()!% ooooooh…. but then designer coders make stupid frameworks to make a browser in the browser. YO DAWG, XZIBIT CALLED… he put a call in his call. SO dope. ALL HAIL RESPONSIVE. here is my response: SUK.

    whatever. i’ll play. fuck you.

  3. the “web” was already postmodern… and now these asshats talk about the “modern web”.

    cut my face with an ass. suck TWO ducks.


  4. It’s a great big beautiful batch of horse shit: creamy and swarming with flies.

    All laws for gambo and smokes and booze and drugs are hypocritical and corrupt and largely racist.

    It’s part of the american dream, bro. They mostly get away with it by letting little boys like you have access to guns. It give you the illusion that you can do something about it all.

    Don’t worry. I will nurse you back to health in the UP. A nice cheese tray and some fine port wine. A poker game dealt by the great KAAALISH. I’ll provide a shoulder and/or kleenex if you need to cry cum tears again. We all need somebody, bro, to lean on.

  5. I found my kids this morning doing a call and response at the breakfast table.

    I say butt, you say penis.
    Then ev would say “preenus”
    I say butt, you say butthole.
    She nailed the butthole though. Loud and clear.

  6. I never knew that the Cincinnati Kid was a book. I knew the movie and though it was ok, but the book is really good. I thought I had read most of the major poker novels.

    This quote sums up why I love gambling and works as a philosophical way to view life:

    “It was the idea of a man backing his judgment with something of value and taking the chance of losing.”

  7. Shit, that whole chapter is good:

    “Out of these volatile games of poker The Kid gleaned by misplay and nerving experiences the difference between winning and losing certain basic fundamentals that aid in a winning hand of stud poker.”

    Then the paragraph is built on little stories that repeat “he learned.” I’d like to read a “he learned” about all of Mr. Skeezers lessons.

  8. I’ve always had infinite respect for Madddddddd’s poker work ethic and bankroll management.

    My brain lacks that “Knish” part that lets it find a beatable game and endlessly mine it. Sheeeeeeeet, madddd used to get bonuses on pokerroom for most hands played in a 24 period. Like, most hands of any player on poker room. Most hands in the whole damn world. I tried several times to follow this plan and could never even crack the top 20.

    I don’t think the “Mikey” part of my brain that talks me into taking big shots is a bad thing– it’s just something that needs to be managed. It’s a combo of honestly knowing my skills and taking responsible steps up. Of course, there has been “misplay and nerving experiences.”

  9. i’ve only seen you take shots with profit, and even then, i’ve never seen it all on the line. even if you were going to bet half of everything, if you lost, you wouldn’t put the other half on the line… back to the grind. so, not much different.

    i remember first jump to 20-40… not even sure why… must have been a full table with all the right stats i was looking for. i think this was back in mainly 2-4 3-6 days… i sit, get AA first hand… raise… 2 callers. i bet the flop, 2 callers, i bet the turn, 1 caller, i bet the river, he folds. pretty basic dumb tiny pot hand. i got up and left and never went back. my 20-40 OPS is massive. he learned SOMETHING.

  10. lots of profit was from manipulating my understanding of the poker drug on various personality types, and blowing up the chat box. like diaz forcing you to defend and counter kicks… homie… you didn’t know i could PUNCH? BOOM. PAY ME. I AM HOV. say it.


  11. My first (and only) jump to 25/50 was a valuable lesson. Won 2K in the midnight oil.

    Sat at the biggest limit game, 25/50, with my new bankroll. First hand was 3 bet pre flop. I called with 77 and hit the set. Cap on the flop, cap on the turn. River brought the straight… RAGE RAGE RAGE. Three hours later 2K was gone and I was chat banned

    Very painful lesson. But a lesson that is remembered.

  12. Oh yEaaaaaaaaaa

    oh yeah

    You took the HAWK for a bucko. You are learning, just like cal.

    Girl, you’ll be a fantasy woman. Soon.

  13. Bro, cal failed the bar a few times but look at him now. You are the fantasy version of his law life.

    I, on the other hand, am the fantasy version of his love life: greg, princesses, sweet alaskan tang.

  14. yeah… happy about the HAWK. you bid $0… that is disrespectful.

    i traded in the chump i got on monday for $3… some idiot 2B who went 3/4 with runs and RBIs galore for a week straight… FAAB day he goes 0/4… i don’t start him the next day… 0/3, 0/4, 0/4…. GET THE FUCK OFF MY TEAM. chasing short term streaks is like looking at the roulette history board and betting huge based off that. just dumb. BUY HAWKS. track record, not week record.

  15. the latest episode of joe rogan’s podcast with nick dipalo had on a guy that used to work at a rehab clinic… he laid out the entire scam, where medicare is paying $1500 to give heroin addicts synthetic heroin for 30 days and then buy them a plane ticket to another city to party and network with other addicts… if you play the system right, you can basically live in 4 star hotels with free drugs, in any city you choose all over the country, for over 250 days a year. WHAT A COUNTRY.

    don’t worry… if you accidentally go clean, and don’t check in anywhere for 30 days, then all your medicare counters reset, and the clinics will call you directly to come back in and get some more drugs on taxpayers dime so they can “adjust your medication”


  16. $1500… A DAY… at the end of the 30 days, they can get longer term care for 90 days after that, but the clinics can only bill like $700-800 A DAY during those, so they want to get you on a different drug and send you to florida for 30 days to party so they can get your bill back up.


  17. my mind’s telling me no…
    but, my body…
    MY BODY is telling me WHAZZ(*!&%(*&^!@%

  18. the pawns of the rehab scam are undergraduate interns who always file an initial diagnosis of “bipolar”, which is good enough in medicares eyes to get the ball rolling, put out the fresh linens, juice up the juice cart, and start a pill tab. THANKS, OBAMA!!

  19. dennis and dee going on crack tried to touch on it… too scurred to touch some hair on.

  20. fun fact: florida has it’s own dedicated phone number for medicare fraud…. every other state uses a shared system.

    hanging chads, bro.

    WHAT DID CHAD DO?!#(*&^%!#^)(&

  21. latest WPT had hung tran… he talked shit and it worked… then the problem gambo in blood took hold. MORE MORE MORE BOOM.

  22. “black lives matter” aka “white lives don’t matter”

    haters get dealt with.

  23. no, young. but 100% sure they said it’s medicare cutting the checks. does medicare also cover people on welfare? they were all saying it was all just a government approved look the other way plan to suck all the ambition out of the person. by the time they wrapped up talking, i wasn’t sure if the smartest move was being the doctor or the patient.

    think about the kind of hotel room you could get for $1,500 a day… now imagine there was a place with such a room… and IT’S FREE… just come in. FREE PILLS… make sure to take them all. and you stay for 30 days. what sort of rewards program would you expect from a hotel or airline you did that kind of business with? how aggressively would you expect their competition to pursue your business? that is what happens at the rehab places. COME BACK! MORE PILLS! you are VIP!

    a google search gives 355,000 results… so somehow it’s happening

  24. lots of the prosecuted fraud cases are billing for dead people…

    the above “scam” isn’t even a scam… that’s the system. just like the federal reserve… they make rules that try to do something, and every harvard MBA reverse engineer the rules to mine exploits.

    the government can’t even keep telemarketers from calling my cellphone. #USELESS

  25. i blast the tightest rhymes is the jam packed whazz sack
    where the balls of cal’s dad’s dad’s dad cracked
    double-great teste hate.hate.hate.hate.

  26. could someone explain to me how the jewish tradition of only supplementing “the tribe” via female descendants isn’t SEXIST AS FUCK?!#*(&#%!&)*(!#%&*()!#%


  27. hey. just so anyone that says theoretiCAL ecoNOMics don’t get discussed here anymore, and cal is too busy kissing greg…. CONSIDER THIS:

    if bait-ball fish consumed by dolphins and tuna were individually equipped with the ability to diagnosis a likely eventual bait-ball scenario, would they choose to run and disperse maximally?

    the dolphin and tuna are gonna starve, bro… they are gonna go crazy 24/7/fishtime… feeding in a spastic frenzy while the school remains maximally dispersed. ALL DAY. ERRRDAY.

    fuck it. ball the idiots. have at them.


  28. mayhem miller vs CM punk is WAY >>>>>>>> than greater than > kimbo vs rampage.

    dana white is too scurred to make it happen.


  29. look… black people have their own media team, and those people matter… so it’s not ok for anyone other than the black people media team to talk about the black people media team.

    GOT IT?! it’s just a social nicety to make up for SLAVERY. the government says racism isn’t dead so we HAVE to be racist. what part of racism don’t you understand?!(*&!#%)(&!#^&*)(%!#*(&%#!&*(!#%*(&!#^%


  30. i’m pretty sure golf is just a demonstration of one’s abilities to destroy an opponent’s testicles if called upon to do so while equipped with a club. pretty rad sport.

  31. Thanks, DNR!!!!

    The DNR passed along the following tips if a human is confronted by a cougar: Face the animal and spread your arms and open your coat or jacket to appear larger. If a cougar approaches, make noise and throw rocks or sticks.

  32. was that previously posted? i watching a sunny marathon for the first time in a year, and getting to the point where they are reliving previous ideas right as i’m doing the same. #LIFEDJ #SYNCEDUP #TONYPLUSH

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