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Zachery Moneypenny was born a humble boy in Cincinnati, OH. His mother worked in one of the buildings you see in the opening montage of WKRP in Cincinnati. His father was a funeral home worker, until he found out he was allergic to formaldehyde. At the ripe age of One, Zachery was moved to Kenosha, Wisconsin where he, his mother, and his father would be close to his maternal grandparents. Later on he was moved to Racine, Wisconsin where he attended elementary, middle, and high school. In high school Zach played tennis on the school team and had an interest in architectural drafting, physics, and skipping out of 8th period study hall to hang out in the music room with his then-girlfriend (now ex-wife) Erin Woinowski. He came very close to winning the coveted Mr. Park contest, but ultimately Zach’s rendition of Bust A Move by Young M.C. could not overcome his friend Arlo Horton’s personally composed jazz-rap “Los Funk.”

Zachery attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison from 1997 until he graduated in 2001 with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. During his time in Madison, Zachery met many of the people he still considers some of his closest friends. The bonus was that many of his high school friends also attended UW-Madison, so he was able to be around a lot of cool people. Zach’s time at the Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel and Concourse Hotel and Governor’s Club as a bellman, front desk worker, etc. gave him a lot of experience with people from all over the country. His time spent drinking gave him a lot of hangovers to consider the next day.

Upon graduation, Zachery was recruited by Intuit, Inc. to go to work in Silicon Valley. Zach moved to San Jose, CA just in time for the World Trade Center to fall down. He spent the next few years working his way up the ladder in the Test Tools and Automation Group in the QuickBooks division. He then moved to the QuickBooks Payroll group, where he currently works as a senior software developer.

On July 12th, 2003 Zachery married Erin Woinowski (now Moneypenny) back in Racine, WI on the shores of Lake Michigan. Almost all of their friends were on hand for the joyous occasion and free booze.

Sadly, Zachery and Erin divorced several years later and went their separate ways. Zachery was a bit out of sorts for a while, but he’s moving on with his life and living to the fullest. However, if you ever see him re-enacting a scene from Vandover and the Brute, please intercede on his behalf. He would appreciate it.

In a shocking move to the left when the rest of the world faked right, Zachery moved from Silicon Valley back to Madison, Wisconsin on November 1st, 2006. He set up shop and started working from home for Intuit remotely as a Senior Software Engineer. Madison is nice; it’s good to be back.

Four years later, Zachery is still living in Madison, still working for Intuit, and about to marry a pretty girl named Spacebee12.  As of August 29th, 2010 they will have been married for One Day.

On Memorial Day weekend in 2011 Zachery and Spacebee moved into their new house in Madison, Wisconsin.

We're Home!

Then, in an amazing thing you’d never have seen coming Zachery  and Spacebee had their first child on January 1st, 2013. On the internet he’s known as “Jujubee Johnson.”

Jujubee in Vail


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