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Wackiness ensues

The Corporation

Hola amigos, been awhile since I rapped atcha.

I went out to SF two weeks ago and saw Cal and his amazing Technicolor biker bar behind the Sf Chronicle building. I drank great coffee at Sightglass Coffee and had some amazing dinners all over town with a bunch of folks. Once again I was glad to not live there but it was great to visit.

The first YWeb class graduated in May and we now have one of the students working with us at Adorable. The second cohort is now underway but this session will be 10 weeks instead of the previous ~8 months so the schedule is much advanced (i.e., I need to get off my ass and recruit volunteers for the mock interviews in August.)

Happy to be part of the Corporation with wwhazz and timmer; we’ll see if that goes anywhere.

I’ll be reporting live from Colorado in a few weeks, so stay tuned for additional info!


Been awhile since I rapped atcha, hombres. Listening to wwhazz yammer about daily fantasy got to a breaking point where I created an account at Fanduel. I expect all my money to be dead money but perhaps some of wwhazz’s ancient wisdom will filter down to me and I’ll win $2.50 on a $1 entry. If only I could take five catchers a day; I’d live scientist’s dream.



I’m cleaning out my closet, y’all.

Spacebee and I are relatively healthy now, but the kid’s sickness continues. He’s had some sort of flu, cold, puking, diarrhea, and/or runny nose since Thanksgiving. It’s getting tiring waking up to a crib covered in puke and diarrhea these days. I attribute it mostly to the Den Of Germs that is his day care, but c’mon kid get some immunity already.

Things are going pretty well at work these days- I’ve had a hectic few weeks working to get a client’s web application working on mobile, as well as putting in a day here and there at YWeb helping out the students as they turn from HTML/CSS to Javascript and Git.

Now that some time has passed since changing jobs I have more perspective on the changes, and I’m more enthusiastic than ever. Love my coworkers, and I’m it’s humbling to be learning new things daily compared to the rut I was stuck in at Intuit. Technology, client relation skills, project management; the list goes on. It’s also great to be closer to the Madison developer community- seeing folks more regularly that I used to only see a couple times a year.

Finally, now that the weather is nice it’s so much more satisfying working in an office on the capitol square in Madison. Going for walks, eating at the food carts, seeing the crowds out and about- it sure chases the seasonal depression away.

Neverending Sickness

So, I’ve been sick now since around December 10th. First I had influenza A for a week, then it festered and by Xmas day I was coughing up blood and mucus so much I went to urgent care where I was diagnosed with bronchitis and given an antibiotics series, which really helped. Unfortunately, as soon as I was getting better from that I came down with a bad head cold. My sinuses and throat are so blocked that I haven’t tasted anything since January 3rd. I’ve never experienced anything like this- any flavor of any food or drink is muted by more than 90%- only extremely sweet or salty things make a slight tinge of taste at this point. At this point I think I have bronchitis again- I’ve been having coughing fits and coughing up dark mucus every morning for that last week straight.

I’m pretty goddamned motherfucking sick of being fucking sick at this point, and I just wish I was healthy. Fucking day care filled with diseased kids sending thousands of sicknesses home this year. Goddamn.

Qi for President

Scientist has been agitating for the the native Samsung Galaxy S5 wireless charging via the Qi standard for quite awhile now, and so when we got together at The Chalet last weekend I opened my laptop to and told him, “Tell me what to buy so that I have what you have.”

For about a week now I’ve been using Qi exclusively to charge my phone, and I’m here to back up Scientist. It’s great, it’s not gonna fry your nuts, and too bad you iPhone-using schlubs won’t ever experience how great it is.

The list of Pros heavily outweighs the Cons, but let’s get down to it:


* I don’t have the facilities (e.g., fingernails) to easily open the S5’s waterproof USB port cover, so this makes it just a million times easier to throw down and start charging.
* I use a couple of different custom alarms for waking up to work out at home or head to the gym, and so it makes it so much easier to snatch the phone off my nightstand in the morning and turn off the alarm rather than grab it, disconnect the USB cable since it’s so short, and then turn it off.
* The charging pads Scientist suggested were reasonably priced enough for me to buy three of them (plus the external battery unit) so I have one on my nightstand, one on the first floor of my house, and one by my desk at work. Coupled with the external battery version, it’s super simple to just toss it on a pad wherever I’m at.


* The only con I’ve seen is that the charging is slower through Qi than through the USB cable. If you have a dead battery and need to charge up as much as possible as soon as possible then USB will be a better option. This is offset so far, though, as my phone is almost never dead because it’s much easier to charge as I go.
* The factory Qi battery cover does make the phone thicker (by about 3mm), but that was mitigated for me by the fact that I switched out cases when I bought the new back and the case was smaller so the net result was a thinner profile for me.


So Long, Intuit

So, thirteen years later I’m leaving my software-man job at Intuit. In 2001 I graduated from college and moved all my shit out to San Jose to live with the madddddddddd scientist and Kim. This was before he was the maddddddddd scientist though, Judd had yet to christen him with the name.

Ah the early days in California: listening the City Spud and the Saint Lunatics, playing Whazz and drinking High Life. Every weekend heading down to the Mission Ale House to do… something. Still not sure what. Then came a wife, then a divorce and a move back home. Even while my life was going through weird shitphases my job was stable and (mostly) unchanging.

Now I’m headed to something a little different here in Madison. I started Monday at and I’m really excited. I can’t wait to taste a job that isn’t an Ultra-Mega Corporation.

Price is Right Behind the Scenes

Scientist probably already saw this but if not I thought he’d get a kick out of it:

Not much else going on at this point. Just waiting to get old and die.

Let’s Talk BSG

Yo Scientist where you at on BSG? All finished now? It kinda petered out pretty shitily but for awhile it was the bees knees- Spacebee was even watching it fer christ sakes.

No one asked but here’s what I’m currently recording on the ol’ DVR (in no particular order):

  • Space Dandy (he’s a dandy guy in space)
  • Broad City
  • Chozen (probably to be dropped soon)
  • Archer
  • @midnight
  • Kroll Show
  • American Dad
  • Rick and Morty
  • Community
  • Parks & Recreation
  • Bar Rescue
  • Catch a Contractor

I dunno there might be more; Spacebee certainly records about a skrillion episodes of Grey’s Anatomy every day. What mass media are you lunatics consuming these days?

It’s Almost That Time of Year

You can go ahead and imagine little notes dangling around the title up there. Go on; it’s ok!

So my phone started jingling and jangling to tell me that the Brewers are playing Spring training games now. Hurray? That means it’s also time to try to fix up this old dump. #TURDPRESS amirite? I tried to move the site over to a new hosting provider this morning but AJ was screaming and I messed up the migration and then had to roll it back. #kids

So instead of moving providers (which I’ll still do but maybe not until next weekend) I just downloaded a new theme. Pretty not bad, I guess, although I’m sure you turds will find something wrong with it.

Wanna go to Vegas? We’re going at the end of September. Meet us there and party; I’ve earmarked part of our tax refund for the trip. Digression: holy shit we got a refund this year- the power of CHILD DEDUCTIONS and CHILDCARE DEDUCTIONS.

Dubuque Downer

It was a mehhhhhh time in Dubuque in 2013. Did we have fun? Yes. Did we have some interesting new (or returning) characters? Yes. But did I win any money? No. I lost. A lot.

Thankfully wwhazz wasn’t kicked out of the casino this year, but we did witness an innovative new way to handle obnoxious poker players. After an hour or two of Scientist’s table banter, the poker room manager informed him (via an old, tiny waitress) that he could have another drink ONLY if he drank an entire bottle of water in front of them first. A couple of things here:

  • Scientist bottoms-upped the thing and chugged it while staring them down…
  • …but then proceeded to dump some in Timmer’s scotch. Timmer, being involved in a hand at the time, didn’t notice until later.
  • Also, I was way drunker than anyone at the table but because I kept quiet they just kept feeding me Crown & Cokes.

I was pretty much never ahead except for that first poker game, though I lost everything on the end when Scientist bluffed my ass off and I gave him most of my money. Things went downhill from there: bad craps, bad roulette, bad blackjack, etc.

Wwhazz did have a very interesting idea to try to get into the Al Capone suite at the Julian next year and find Joe to run some games there. So go to Dubuque, but don’t go to any casinos. “Why go to Dubuque then?” you ask. “Two reasons,” I respond, “Paul’s Tavern and Funiculars.”

I saw on Snapchat that Scientist burned old Greenie in the backyard? Why? I don’t understand all of the gobbledygook you people are talking about in the comments. Is Greenie-burning because you lost at the Fantasy Whatever? Or because Rogers sat on his balls and didn’t come back this week? I don’t get it.

Kid Disco yesterday was interesting; I liked the nachos, bloody mary’s, and watching children slowing turn into sleeping pumpkins by jumping up and down in front of a bubble machine for two hours.