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The Corporation

Hola amigos, been awhile since I rapped atcha.

I went out to SF two weeks ago and saw Cal and his amazing Technicolor biker bar behind the Sf Chronicle building. I drank great coffee at Sightglass Coffee and had some amazing dinners all over town with a bunch of folks. Once again I was glad to not live there but it was great to visit.

The first YWeb class graduated in May and we now have one of the students working with us at Adorable. The second cohort is now underway but this session will be 10 weeks instead of the previous ~8 months so the schedule is much advanced (i.e., I need to get off my ass and recruit volunteers for the mock interviews in August.)

Happy to be part of the Corporation with wwhazz and timmer; we’ll see if that goes anywhere.

I’ll be reporting live from Colorado in a few weeks, so stay tuned for additional info!

On Bourbon Street

Dubuque 2012 (nee my dadchelor party) has now come and gone, and I can say for certain that we did not come out winners this year. More incredibly still, it seems that down is up and now we prefer Diamond Jo’s to Mystique. I don’t know if there’s much more to report on that topic, at least that wouldn’t get us all in trouble.

On the trip I brought up the idea of nominating and voting on a Comment of the Year award here at, and it seemed warmly received.  The Top Three in my mind are as follows:

1. Scientist Tells Us About A Bed

rach-o just spent more money on a new bed than any other single thing in our house cost. when i yelled at her, she said i should “feel lucky” because of how much she could have spent, but didn’t…. and also that it’s a “good investment”……

i am so dumb.

i forgot all about that lucrative used bed market)*(&!#%&)*(!#%)&*(#$^*()$@^&*(!#%&*(!#%&*(!#%*()

2. Scientist Talks About Tech Bubbles

i have seen terminator AND terminator 2. i know all about tech bubbles.


3. Cal’s Old Man Lament

I fear I shall have no heir… now even a girl one. i am approaching the winter of my life… my vision… becomeing blurred, who is there? is that you, scientist? i can see your apple ball now… throw… the high… heeat..

Who will keep my pocket knives oiled when I ascend into the great beyond? WHO???? who will prostalitze pinkco propaganda upon thy WHO????????????????????// whooooooooooooooooo Away! away! for I will fly to thee… the viewless wings of Poesy. Thou wast not born for death, immortal Bird! #keatsbitchessssssss

So there you go, do you have any Comments Made in 2012 that we should consider for the inaugural award? Let me know.

A devious monkey sent me this:

...Now An Old Man
Look at him… so young, so full of life!

So we’re down to the wire on the whole having-a-kid front here at WM Central Command- I’m not sure there will be many more posts between now and the Joyous Occasion, but you all’ll be the first to know!

Nobody Likes A Nude Post

Au contraire, EVERYONE likes a nude post.  Once dudes have exhausted all the possibilities of posting various combinations of football schlubs in an imaginary contest of wits that result in the possible accumulation of literally dozens of US dollars then someone needs to come along and clear out the detritus.  Sweep away all the hopes and dreams what could exist by betting $1 to win, like, $10 or something after Yahoo’s criminal rake.

DUBUQUE is COMING. BUNSKTER is IN.  VIOLI is INVITED.  WWHAZZ is… SOMETHING.  SCIENTIST is STRAPPED.  CAL is… A MAYBE.  Should we make reservations you think? Do I need to exercise my unique charisma and flash the Canfield VIP card to get us The Suite?  How many rooms do we need total?  When are we leaving on Friday? Morning or evening?

Did you hear? Wwhazz/belly are having another kid? Good for them! Lots of gurldicks around here.


2012 Appleball Champion

Most of the Krew assembled up near Ontonagon, MI last weekend to yell at each other and eat fried food.  And drink beer.  And gamble.

But in the middle of all of that we were supposed to play out the epic pitching duel between Madd and Cal.  One at-bat for all the marbles… would Scientist burn up Cal with three straight heaters? Or would Cal hit a 500 foot homerun for the ages?

Well, we certainly won’t know this year because Madd forgot the goddamned baseballs.  Instead watch what actually happened…

So, there you go you suckers.


Scotch Proof

I bought a bottle of Macallan 17yr Fine Oak for our UP trip; the 10 yr is my Number One favorite scotch of all time, and when we were in Sint Maarten I bought a bottle of the 15yr for $35 and had a blast with it.  I assume ol’ pinky will be one of a dozen bottles of scotch drained while we fight about who has big blind or whatever but I will savor it.

I’m on vacation in Vail, Colorado at the moment and jeezus kreezus it’s just as nuts as you’d expect (hint: mass murder occurred nearby).  I just pedal my ol’ mountain bike around during the day, then take a nap, then it’s happy hour and I’m listening to the teevee tell me about mass murder and child rape.  Not the greatest vacation environment ever but I suppose the UP will make up for it.  Also, Ryan Braun said the Brewers sucked.  Also, AT&T never sent me a bill for June or July.

Whatever, just need to get through the week without my lung collapsing or elevation sickness, and then I’ll be back home.

Upgrades ‘N Shit

Last week was a fairly chilled out California trip; I had so many meetings at work that there wasn’t a whole lot of time for much else.  I did get to hang out with fuddruckus and manders a couple of nights, but I wasn’t able to go on a date with GMX.  I also wanted to go see which off-ramp Cal is living under these days but couldn’t swing a trip up to the city.

I made a pretty dumb mistake with my flight booking and so I left San Heezy at 9am and didn’t get into Madison until 11pm.  Along the way I stopped in beautiful LAX and MSP (ed note: LAX not beautiful).  I found out that my new credit card allows me $25 access to the Delta Sky Club and it’s all-you-can-drink booze and comfortable chairs.  I wouldn’t normally do that but I had a 2.5 hour layover at LAX and a 3 hour layover in MSP so I jumped in with both feet.  The result: pretty drunk on the last MSP ✈ MSN leg.  I almost forgot my Kindle in the seat pocket when I staggered off the plane to baggage claim.

For those that weren’t following along, I was holding court on various Star Trek: The Next Generation topics while pounding Canadian Club & Cokes:

The Mona Lisa of Tweets
Occupying My Time in an Airport

While I was out in California I was alerted to the fact that I might need to go to Bangalore, India on a trip at some point this fall.  Fuddruckus told me scary stories of goats eating burning piles of garbage on the side of the road, and neverending sickness from drinking the water.  That scares me.  However, the ability to get 20,000+ airline miles would bump me from being treated like a Dickhead every time ti fly to being treated like a Chump.  It doesn’t sound like much, but it is.  Also, at least then I could say I’ve been to India? Right? RIGHT?!

So Much To Say

Dog Mohawk
Get a load of Quindohawk

Wow, while I’ve been busy working, coding, and walking dumbly around Madison the other folk on this website have been up to delightful shenanigans.  Some dude shaved a mohawk on his dog.  A bunch of supposed ‘fisherfolk’ couldn’t beat a nine-year-old child at catching fish through a hole.  RyPy is getting along, and the Lawman/Peapods date draws near.

Apologies for not joining into the Great Debates raging in the comments.  Alandovos recently joined Intuit as a new engineer and between on-campus recruiting last week and getting him on-boarded this week things have been fairly hectic.

Early next week we’re heading down to go skiing at Chestnut Mountain in honor of Spacebee’s birthday– it will likely be 90 degrees and raining because this winter is one of the weirdest ones I can remember, BUT using advanced Illinois Technology they will likely have made a small patch of fake snow we can whizz down… directly into the Mississippi River.

Skiing next week, then in March I’ll be out in the Yay Area again sometime, and then at the end of March we’re heading back out to VEGAS(~!) for the first time in a looong time.


New Baby Thread

I’ve got nothing much to say about anything, but the old thread is long and we’ll have new baby news any day now.

Spacebee and I are heading out to Pasadena tomorrow (Friday, 12/30) to hit The Rose Bowl and attendant partay-ing.  It should be a fun trip, as I was adamant that we do absolutely no sightseeing or touristy shit.  I think the Rose Bowl/pre-party/tailgates/etc. will be fun, but I other than that I just want to sit around and be lazy.  The Badger Pep Rally is on the Santa Monica Pier and I can only hope that I see Phillip Seymour Hoffman there walking his dog or whatever.  I’ll say to him, “I DON’T WAIT FOR OLD PEOPLE!” and then giggle.

In other sad but awesome news, Yuri left Intuit to join a startup and he’s headed down to San Antonio for three months to get acquainted and get down to biz-nass.  He’s leaving next Thursday and we get back from California on Wednesday.  I’m down to have a good ol’ sendoff- anyone else?


Here’s some Childish Gambino for you…

Anything else? SOPA is shitty! I’ll probably have to shut off comments on whazzmaster if it passes- which sucks. All so some shit-eating hollywood-man can add another bottle of Dom to his bathtub. Fuck SOPA.

The Lake House, Summerfest, and The End of Civilization

Thanks so much to our Pals from Pittsville for the hospitality at their beautiful lake home this weekend- I had a fantastic time even if much of it was spent sleeping. I am, in fact, Sleeping Beauty. 

Madd’s baby got dunked and assured a place in heaven this weekend, so, uh… that’s good too.

The instant I got home from the lake house Spacebee and I raced to Milwaukee to go to Summerfest and see Sugartit– er, Sugarland in concert.  Good show, if short, and we spun the Priceline Roulette well enough for it to land on Pfister.  Jackpot.  The drive home early this morning was slightly off-kilter, but coffee helped.

Finally, thanks to Lawman for recommending the book Reinventing Collapse: Soviet Experience and American Prospects.  I’m about a third of the way through and find it a fascinating lens to look at the American Empire’s decline through.  I apologize for the construction of that sentence. Awful. Anyways, I’d like to add my recommendation to Lawman’s; if you’re interested in post-oil America and the transition to such a society give it a read.

In The Meantime

So yes, work will commence shortly on Chaos Central TNG.  Out of my inability to design will come a boring-ass thing that no one will like, but at least then I’ll have the power to implement whatever features we want to create.

In other news- I have a new awesome thing that’s been happening: people drive by on the bike path behind my house, see me in the office/sunroom in the back, scream out ‘MONEYPENNY!’ and then CONTINUE ON THEIR WAY.  I don’t know who these people are because by the time I turn my head they have cruised away.  WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?~!  Is it anyone on this site?

Things have been moved in and put in their place at this point.  Thanks so much to everyone that helped or stopped by to check out the new house.  We somehow moved all our possessions, cleaned the old house, cleaned the new house, unpacked the possessions, and partied all in three days.  We’re settling in nicely at this point.  Spacebee and I have taken to strolling up Monroe St and sampling the one of the many (four) fine restaurants in the area. Jac’s is pretty incredible. Bluephies is great. The Laurel is good.  No opinion of Taste of India yet.

Ok, so HOLLLLARIT and Go Brewers!