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I’m cleaning out my closet, y’all.

Spacebee and I are relatively healthy now, but the kid’s sickness continues. He’s had some sort of flu, cold, puking, diarrhea, and/or runny nose since Thanksgiving. It’s getting tiring waking up to a crib covered in puke and diarrhea these days. I attribute it mostly to the Den Of Germs that is his day care, but c’mon kid get some immunity already.

Things are going pretty well at work these days- I’ve had a hectic few weeks working to get a client’s web application working on mobile, as well as putting in a day here and there at YWeb helping out the students as they turn from HTML/CSS to Javascript and Git.

Now that some time has passed since changing jobs I have more perspective on the changes, and I’m more enthusiastic than ever. Love my coworkers, and I’m it’s humbling to be learning new things daily compared to the rut I was stuck in at Intuit. Technology, client relation skills, project management; the list goes on. It’s also great to be closer to the Madison developer community- seeing folks more regularly that I used to only see a couple times a year.

Finally, now that the weather is nice it’s so much more satisfying working in an office on the capitol square in Madison. Going for walks, eating at the food carts, seeing the crowds out and about- it sure chases the seasonal depression away.

Dubuque Downer

It was a mehhhhhh time in Dubuque in 2013. Did we have fun? Yes. Did we have some interesting new (or returning) characters? Yes. But did I win any money? No. I lost. A lot.

Thankfully wwhazz wasn’t kicked out of the casino this year, but we did witness an innovative new way to handle obnoxious poker players. After an hour or two of Scientist’s table banter, the poker room manager informed him (via an old, tiny waitress) that he could have another drink ONLY if he drank an entire bottle of water in front of them first. A couple of things here:

  • Scientist bottoms-upped the thing and chugged it while staring them down…
  • …but then proceeded to dump some in Timmer’s scotch. Timmer, being involved in a hand at the time, didn’t notice until later.
  • Also, I was way drunker than anyone at the table but because I kept quiet they just kept feeding me Crown & Cokes.

I was pretty much never ahead except for that first poker game, though I lost everything on the end when Scientist bluffed my ass off and I gave him most of my money. Things went downhill from there: bad craps, bad roulette, bad blackjack, etc.

Wwhazz did have a very interesting idea to try to get into the Al Capone suite at the Julian next year and find Joe to run some games there. So go to Dubuque, but don’t go to any casinos. “Why go to Dubuque then?” you ask. “Two reasons,” I respond, “Paul’s Tavern and Funiculars.”

I saw on Snapchat that Scientist burned old Greenie in the backyard? Why? I don’t understand all of the gobbledygook you people are talking about in the comments. Is Greenie-burning because you lost at the Fantasy Whatever? Or because Rogers sat on his balls and didn’t come back this week? I don’t get it.

Kid Disco yesterday was interesting; I liked the nachos, bloody mary’s, and watching children slowing turn into sleeping pumpkins by jumping up and down in front of a bubble machine for two hours.

This is a Nude Post

It’s rainy as shit here in Madison, and I thought in between two thunder crashes I heard the two-toned harbinger of alien warships from Close Encounters of the Third Kind.  They canceled the Madison Marathon and I was reading the JSOnline short blurb about it when a morbid curiosity took over and I clicked on the Comments link.  I’m curious like a cat; my friends call me Whiskers!  JSOnline comments are typically dickheads trolling as hard they possibly can and dupes being suckered into arguing with them.  I was curious to see how the trolls would work stupid obamacare and unions into a story about a race, and I was not disappointed.

Anyways- shit’s been real around here lately.  Every three weeks I have to have a whole bunch of work done and I have a review on Tuesday.  So sorry gents; normal sniping will return mid-summer and until then I will continue the Nude Post parade.

Ramp It Up!

Been a while since I rapped atcha, but I’m back with AMAZING news.  Because I’m lazy and Spacebee works hard I demanded that we go out for dinner last night instead of me having to cook something.  We hadn’t been to Brasserie V in awhile so we drove up, and were pleasantly surprised that yesterday was the first day of their spring menu. Do you know what that means? RAMPS!

I had two delicious ramp-based items: for an appetizer they had homemade pickles: ramps, cucumbers, and spring onions.  Very light and tasty.  For dinner I had the homemade beef, ramp, and bacon sausage on northern beans and grilled bok choy.  Holy shit the sausage was great; very meaty with great flavor from the bacon and ramps.

So there you go, it’s really spring now if the ramps are out and about.  I’m looking forward to the first Farmer’s Market next weekend so I can grab a couple bunches myself and start my spring tradition of Scrambled Eggs with Ramps.


Big congratulations to the Lawfolk on their baby being born- I’m just assuming the baby will be a lawyer too someday, or possibly a sheriff.  Law-related, I suppose.  Anyways, again with the congrats; the baby train continues at full speed.

I made a pretty great experimental meal last night: I took some of the Southwestern Fiesta brats from D & G Meats, stripped the meat out of the casing and fried it up.  I made burritos out of it with my special black bean recipe and cilantro rice.  Oh man I think we’re onto something- the brats are seasoned just right for the job, and you end up with some tasty ground pork filling.

This is a good TED talk about robots.  Fast forward to 14:10 to see something really swanky, but the whole thing is pretty interesting.


1815 Madison St


The house we're interested in
1815 Madison St., the house we're interested in


Right here on this very website the MADDDDDDDDDD SCIENTIST taught us how to appropriately welcome a baby into the world: with PLOITers and remote observation of ice-fishing.  The result: HWK, a name worthy of the Whazz 99 leaderboard.  First column? In time.  When our descendants return to the long lost .tar.gz files of zipped up ‘web-sites’ to learn the history of their clan, it shall be written that the child’s birth was HERALDED by the RETURN OF ARLO.  Who was this stranger whose presence was almost invisible, yet whose return was celebrated so excitedly by the ancient weirdos who hung out at

I wish I had more profound things to say before I pivot to Current Events; I’m sure the comment thread will overflow with good tidings and links to articles so I’ll let that take care of itself.  Good luck HWK, and don’t let your old man fool you into thinking that it’s a good idea to hit a driver from the fringe. IT’S DUMB! 5 IRON 5 IRON 5 IRON 5 IRON!

Soooo, see that house up there? We really like it.  We’re thinking seriously about trying to buy it.  It is very expensive, but includes everything we want in a house that will grow with us for the foreseeable future.  Five bedrooms, large kitchen, two car garage, one block from the Monroe St shops (including Trader Joe’s). Location, space, and really nice interior is a perfect storm that we’re willing to stretch to try to get.  If it doesn’t work out then it’ll be back to the MLS mines to try to dig out another gold nugget, but for now I’m really excited about this one.


Too Fast Too Furious

I suppose I could have used ‘two’ up there as well; say lah vee.

Since the comments are coming very fast (and very furious) as Cal and I take on the mighty theoretical rhetoric (theorhetoric?) of Madd and Wwhazz I decided to post a quick update on the many goings-on since the last… thing.  Jesus, it was just last Thursday.

In Patented™ List Format:

  • After the great Mad-Railers Open Coding Day last Saturday I’m way back into side shit.  My typical cycle has me getting very excited about Ruby/Rails/entrepreneurial side work and then my attention gets drawn back into my day job due to hectic schedules until I mope around my house all day and lose all interest in everything.  Then I meet up with some cool people doing cool tech stuff and the juices get flowing again.  It was great to finally meet the core members of the Madison Rails community.
  • As a consequence, I started updating again. For now.  Well… I made one post.  It’s living up to it’s tagline.
  • My esteemed future brother-in-law has acquired the ability to order Brewers Opening Day tickets for face value.  He invited spacebee and I to accompany him and my sister.  I am excited about this.  Brewers Opening Day @ $200/scalped ticket in the 2nd inning = boo.  Brewers Opening Day @ face value and park far away = hell yes , BY GAWD.
  • I bought myself one of these here fancy keyboards; I’ll let you know how it goes.
  • This Saturday (Feb. 26th) is spacebee’s 30th birthday– let’s all come together and wish her the very merriest time of her life… what’s left of it. Because now she’s old. OLD.
  • We’re headed up to Devil’s Head for a small ski trip on Mon/Tue of next week.  HOLLLLAR if you want to join in- weekday rates are very cheap.
  • It won’t stop goddamn snowing here in Madison- just be spring already, goddamnit.


Big (ten) Weekend

I hosted two families at my place this weekend; Friday was extra busy since housekeeping had to get all the linens changed and washed before the 4pm check-ins started to arrive.  I narrowly averted a mental breakdown on Saturday but healed nicely on Sunday by laying on the couch all afternoon and evening.

Badgers should be going to the Rose Bowl- I assume we will have a sufficient place to place wild bets and drink to excess up in Door County on New Year’s Day, eh lawman?  Sister Bay Bowl, perhaps?  The game was pretty fun, even given the fact that they won a million to whatever, and we whooped it up afterward back at our place.  I was even afforded the chance to clean out my freezer to keep serving food to the dozen people in my kitchen: fifth of a bag of Totino’s Pizza Rolls? Check.  Half a bag of tater tots? Check.  Mini-quiches? Check. Black bean empanadas? Check.

I was a little sad about the Packers, but really just seeing that old broken down shitpile Favre stumble around throwing interceptions for the rest of the season is enough to make me consider 2010 a resounding success.

What did you idiots do? AND DON’T SAY TOFURKEY, CAL.

Happy Fun Time


The birthday went extremely well: it was super classy right up until we walked into the Depot and I drank the proffered bucket of irish whisky.  Dinner was at The Tornado and I took advantage of their Prime Rib dinner; don’t know how I got so much meat for $20 but it was worth it.  Afterward we made our introductions to Graze, a new swank drinkery/eatery on the Capitol Square.

They had a cocktail made out of: vodka, club soda, Emergen-C.  We ordered several rounds of them, confident and smug in the knowledge that we would NOT be hungover the next day.

And indeed, my hangover on Sunday was micro.  Mini, in fact.  I attended a performance of Wicked with Spacebee and her parents, and came away ‘meh.’  I appreciated the technical aspects of putting on a show like that, but the whole music and dancing didn’t appeal to me very much. Say lah vee.

Testing 1…2…3…

I’m always trying to make this weird website a little nicer. So here’s a test of the Whazzmaster Video Broadcast System:

Double Wedding All The Way Across The Sky

The Wedding of the (Pick One: Week, Month, Year, Decade, Century, Millenium) went off without any hitches at all this weekend!  Spacebee and I were married in front or dearest family and friends in Madison on August 28th, 2010 and I couldn’t be happier.  There will be much more to come once we get the myriad photos and videos processed and ready for viewing, so for now we’ll focus on the key things we learned this weekend:

  1. The Don does Good Work as a best man, including the ability to carry 20,000 dental remedies at all times.
  2. The Madddddddddddddd Scientist and Rach-O are gonna have a kid. Jesus Christ; nice curveball scientist. Can’t wait for this.
  3. Wedding Summer is over and done (and not too soon)
  4. It’s funny but scary when someone whips a pizza fastball-style at someone’s head from 5 feet away
  5. The UW Band is terrifically awesome at weddings
  6. Isthmus DJs are fucking incredible

Again, more to come.  For now we’re chilling out in the San Fran area, and we’ll be up in Napa come the end of the week.  I think we’ll get the pics back within a few weeks and then I’ll put up a little somethin-somethin for y’all to look at.