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Looking Back: Charter Fucking Communications

You may remember that time in 2007 where I ranted and raved about how shitty Charter Communication’s service is. For a dumb guy that basically types ‘NUDEPOST’ every two weeks so you fools have a new blank slate to talk about fantasy baseball, I understandably don’t get too many hits from the ‘outside world.’  That post in particular, however has somehow made it to result #7 on a Google search of ‘chart fucking sucks’. That also means that we get disgruntled Charter customers coming along every once in awhile to add their thoughts to the ongoing nightmare that is ‘being a customer of Charter Fucking Communications.’ I am not a revolutionary, but if me swearing about these dumbfucks spreads some social media hatred that in any way could possibly impact their stupid company then I feel that the Internet has done its job. Good job, Internet.

On another topic, Flickr made some updates like WHOA; check out my gallery now, fools.

On a third topic, I’m interested in fooling around with a new forum system called Discourse. How about you regulars head over to the sandbox and play around with it. The main benefit (among others) would be no more need to call for a NUDEPOST, but there’s some other interesting shit in there too. I dunno, try it out and let me know if I should install it on my server.

Blizzard Wizards Part TOOOOOO!


[UPDATE] I have lots of pictures up now on Flickr. Check them out.

Lots of stuff happened this week while we were in Sint Maarten (they spell stuff oddly there), so let’s get right to it:

Vacation Pros

  • Extremely warm and beautiful weather
  • Had no part to play in the Midwest Snowpocalypse
  • Delicious seafood everywhere I went
  • A rockin’ speedboat day tour of the island, including visits to a topless beach and Stacy whipping my sunglasses to the bottom of the ocean
  • Blackjack (boo!) and roulette (yeah!) situated 10 feet from the lobby of our hotel
  • I proudly and excitedly purchased a bottle of Macallan 12yr Fine Oak (see right) which I did not know existed.  I have brought home with me 2/3 of a bottle for y’all to enjoy.
  • Disturbingly low-priced jewelry
  • All the Canadians (the good ones)
  • Weirdly, when you’re all-inclusive (including booze) they make the drinks 10 times stronger.  For about half the trip I would wake up with a oh-shit-I’m-late-for-school start and wonder how I got there, then think about the numerous rum goblets I drank by the pool, as well as the half dozen Carib beers I had with dinner and at the casino.

Vacation Cons

  • We met (maybe) five service workers in our hotel and surrounding restaurants that weren’t outright rude, hostile, or indifferent to us.  Bar none, it was the worst collective service I have ever had in my entire life.
  • We stayed in Phillipsburg, which is the port where the cruise ships come in.  Very, very big con: the entirety of the town runs on the Cruise Ship Clock. Cruise ships leave port around 5pm, at which point Phillipsburg becomes a scary ghost town filled with packs of stray dogs.  None of what I just said is an exaggeration or lie.  The night we got there, we figured we’d stroll into town and get some dinner at around 6pm.  We walked, and walked, and walked and only saw shuttered doors like the ones you see in real bad parts of Market St in SF.  Like, we had no idea what these stores were because it wasn’t bars or a steel chain curtain.  There were Star Wars blast doors that covered the whole front of the building.  We hesitantly made our way deeper into the area and found nothing but wandering stray dogs and people yelling at us from porches.  We headed a block over to the boardwalk (hoping to find jamming beachside bars or restaurants) and literally the only thing we found was a deserted Hard Rock Cafe where the few workers unlucky enough to be stuck on a night shift paid us little to no mind.
  • Do not, under any circumstances, assume that just because a place says it has ‘wi-fi’ that it actually does or that you can use it.  I paid $73 for eight days of wifi access at the hotel, and as Stacy can attest I spent most of that swearing at my iPad and threatening to throw it out a window.  Their scheme is brilliant: have too little area coverage, and then hire someone to power cycle the wireless access point approximately once every two minutes.  Also, hook your access point up to the internet with a 1600 baud modem and let your entire guest list share that bandwidth.  Loading took, on average, 10 tries and 15 minutes (to see one page).
  • All the Canadians (the rude and boorish ones)
  • The heat pump in our apartment failed sometime when we were gone, so we got in late Saturday evening to a freezing house and a pissed-off cat.
The View

Phillipsburg is actually really banging during the day.  All those scary deserted streets are actually filled with Cartier, Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, and a quadrillion jewelry stores during the day.  And there are three dozen jamming beach-side bars whose happy hour runs from 11am-noon. On the other side of the island

The fact that, even with enragingly bad customer service, I still had the time of my life says something about the place.  I’d definitely go back, but probably wouldn’t stay in the same place.  I’d probably try to catch a joint down in Simpson Bay, where there actually is a ton of nightlife and stuff to do outside the hotel after 5pm.

That’s about all I’ve got for now- I’m going to rest my weary, travelin’ bones and then cheer my ass off for the Super Bowl this evening.  Once we get all the pictures we took uploaded from Spacebee’s camera then I’ll get some links up.  There. Are. Some. Good-uns.

Did Michigan Springer really throw his blackberry into an icehole? Was it really gravy? Go Packers.

Whazzmaster Survival Football 2010

The Winner's Spoon

And with that, the 2010 Whazzmaster Survival Football contest has begun. My pick for the Super Bowl? Packers over the Yankees in a surprise cross-sport matchup.  The final prize pool is as follows:

  • Wooden spoon
  • Beer (12-pack of Supper Club)
  • One bottle of Dom P
  • Will Purdue’s autographed size 27 shoe
  • A new-in-box Slap Chop

Yesterday was me and the wife’s two week anniversary.  Smooth sailing, all the way across the sky.

I also took in a child’s birthday party yesterday at Elmwood Plaza Lanes in sunny Racine, Wisconsin.  Fun was had by all, as is evidenced by this photo:


Getting Caught Up

Morning Of

We’re back from the California minimoon and we’re at the Beginning of the Beginning of things getting back to normal around here.  I’ve dumped the 250 odd photos from the last two weeks into the computer and, in doing so, realized that I have a shitload of photos/movies/music on this compy.  My macbook HD is brimming since dumping the video and digital cameras from the wedding– I decided to try dipping my toe in the NAS game to try to lighten the load.

I went for a Synology NAS and 8TB of hard drive room.  With luck that shouldn’t fill up for at least a year.  We’ll see if the firmware is as baller as the web site makes it out to be.  I’m also upgrading to Aperture 3 from iPhoto for managing my photos; all in preparation for my imminent 5D purchase.

Click here to view our professional photos and order prints if you want.  We’ve also got some Flickr photosets ready to roll:

I gotta get the UW Band movie ready to rock-n-bowl on YouTube but it’s not done yet.  HOLLLARIT!

May Sweeps

Quite a full weekend.  Friday night Spacebee’s parents dropped by on their way into town and we watched the first half of the Brewers/Cubs game.  We headed out to try and meet our nieghbors at The Brink but couldn’t find them, and headed back to the Depot just as the heavens opened up.

Saturday was a full day: farmer’s market in the morning, then we had breakfast at Marigold with Spacebee’s mom and grandmom for mom’s day.  Quick nap, then we hopped in the car to drive to Milwaukee to have dinner with my family for mom’s day as well.  We shot back to my brother’s house to watch the end of the Brewers/Cubs game two.

Sunday morning, we figured that since we had to drive back through Milwaukee to Madison anyways we might as well see if we could wrangle some tickets to the game.  A Long Wong’s Wagon ride and two Standing Room-only tickets later we were watching Rickie Weeks sky a homer to left-field from the right-field foul pole.  It was nice to have standing room tickets as we just ambled around the stadium the entire game and saw lots of cool stuff.  Bad thing: the built a canopy over the FSN desk in right-field so you can’t hang over the fence and jaw at Craig and Davey anymore.  Good thing: the new store is ok, but the renovated store in left field is pretty cool.

I bought a pink bat.  See?

Hey you, bring your pink bat

We also stopped off at Eastgate Cinema on our way back into Madison to see Star Trek.  I’ll bottom-line it for you: great movie.  I’m no die-hard Trek fan but I watched it when I was younger and was uncertain how they would shoehorn the new dudes, villains, etc. into the existing framework.  They did a great job, and with the exception of the groan-inducing (to me, but drew cheers from others in the theater) shouting of catchphrases by the characters I had a great time.  Go see it, it’s good.


Let’s start off-topic and see if we can meander our way back to my original thought: this sounds like the coolest Chuck E. Cheese evar.

So I’ve had a week off for vacation, and what a week it was! Wisconsin got hit by a hojillion tornados, Lake Goddamned Delton was wiped off the map, spacebee and I were in Door County during all of this, and *SURPRISE!* the Brewers still suck balls on the road.

We were camping at Peninsula State Park and had prepared ourselves for a wet outing. In an eruption of sheer genius, Lawman offered his screen tent thing in case we had to sit around in the rain for a few hours(days). We arrived Wednesday evening and got things setup ok, played some beer pong and made dinner. Scads of June Bugs and hundreds of thousands of mosquitos drove us into our tent tent pretty early in the night. Thursday we awoke to the patter-patter of rain on the tent, and I had to run to the toilets in the pouring rain in flip-flops. The running was less about the rain and more about the sounds coming from my bowels. The rain continued more or less until the late afternoon so we didn’t get to do a whole lotta stuff we’d planned like rent bikes or go hiking. Meh.

Stately pictures

Friday was very nice but we spent most of the prime time (daylight) looking at various houses my parents were interested in buying. As many of you know, they’ve had trouble selling their house in Racine and need somewhere to live now that they’ve both moved to Door County. In the end they decided to rent a (very nice!) farmhouse in Egg Harbor until the Racine house sells. Personally, I think it’s a great decision given the uncertainty of the market right now– they wouldn’t want to get stuck with two mortgages for the next two years. I’ve included a few pictures of the place they’re renting below. You can see more pictures at the appropriate Flickr set.

Looking back at the house and garage from the barn

Big barn

On Saturday we packed up and left the campground and stayed with my parents for a few days at the house they’re about to leave in Sturgeon Bay. We drove up the peninsula and took the ferry across to Washington Island, which was pretty kick-ass. The absolute greatest part of the trip to the island was when we had wine and appetizers at the Washington Hotel. If you are ever up on the island, I can’t recommend that place enough. Even better, they have a Coffee Room in Madison (right across Monona Bay!) that serves all the baked goods and coffees that you can get up there. On a bike ride around Lake Monona yesterday spacebee and I stopped there for a muffin and some coffee and it was a great place. Additionally, the owner of the Washington Hotel is a (co-?)owner of Death’s Door Spirits, which has a distillery here in Madison that uses Washington Island wheat to make various booze. They recently started making whisky and while up there I got 3 bottles of the un-aged first batch. It’s pretty good, come over and try it some time.

By the way, all of our camping photos can be found at my Flickr site.

One other weekend shout-out: Hot Tamales in Sturgeon Bay was some of the best Mexican food I’ve had since moving back to Wisconsin. They have great service, terrific food, and some hot hot hot salsa verde. I suggest the wet burrito or the hash brown sandwich (like an omelet, but made with goddamned delicious hash browns).

Last night I had a Brewers nervous breakdown. I yelled swear words at the TV for a minute and then turned it off in disgust. And that was BEFORE they allowed the 3 run triple. Barf.

Lastly, if you haven’t seen this YouTube of a house being washed into Lake Delton in Wisconsin Dells, it is goddamned wild.

Arizona in Pictures

I’m feeling better now thanks. Below is a smattering of photos from the trip, click here to see the full gallery.

Lots of Beauty

The Judge is Gonna Kill Me

Lens Flare~!
Spacebee’s On The Side Of The Mountain (lens flare~!)

Spacebee’s birthday was pretty great yesterday. We went out to dinner with her friends, and then wwhazz and bellygirl got her Michigan State basketball tickets. I was the lucky Plus One, so I got to see Wisconsin crush M State. Afterwards we stood shoulder-to-shoulder in the Nitty Gritty so that she could get her free cup of beer, and then drank the night away at the Main Depot. We’re checking out the new Brazilian steakhouse up by State Street tonight (Samba). If it’s especially good or bad I’ll let you great people know. If it’s ‘meh’ I’ll just keep it to myself.

Backwards Compostability

Two Items: one Important™ and one Dumb™.

We spent Saturday up in Pittsville, WI (where the hell is that?) with the *-kalishes, wwhazz and bellygirl, rumthumb and lawman, and MY BROTHER. Photographics abound; I’ll link to some of rumthumb’s for now and get mine uploaded today. We smoked some roasts in the smoker, watched Cordero melt down in the 9th, and in the morning had a Gigantor Country Breakfast.

[UPDATE] Here’s a link to rumthumb’s gallery of pictures, and here’s a link to my gallery.

The ladies took a ride into Pittsville proper and got themselves some Bomb-Ass hunting caps, beef jerky, two bumper stickers, and a 30-pack of High Life for $20. Nice.

say cheese

ktk and HADLEY!

two blondies

There was also a rarin’ game of Bocce Ball. The wwhazz/lawman combo ruled all… again.

whazzman's throw

Smoked Meats!

i got the meat

The above pictures were all from rumthumb. My pictures centered more on a dog-wrestling match and food porn. Here’s a picture of the dogs playing…

michael vick's front yard

And here’s some food porn for you:

smoked meats

asparagus fry

curried green bean delight

Finally, from rumthumb, here’s a picture of me taking the food porn pictures…

food porn photography

Now, onto all things Dumb™. I guess the last episode of the Soprano’s was this weekend. I dunno, I never watch that show. Apparently a bunch of people went apeshit over the ending, though. Let me cover my eyes and point randomly at one dumb part of the Teh Internet:

The line to cancel HBO starts here. What a ridiculously disappointing end lacking in creativity to The Sopranos saga. But if you’re one of those who found it perversely interesting, then don’t bother to read on. Even if David Chase, who wrote and directed the final episode, was demonstrating the existential and endless loop of Tony’s life or the moments before the hit that causes his death, it still robbed the audience of visual closure. And if it were done to segue into a motion picture sequel, then that kind of crass commercialism shouldn’t be tolerated.

Chase clearly didn’t give a damn about his fans. Instead, he crapped in their faces. This is why America hates Hollywood.

This comes from the Me-Me-Me! School of Thought, which states that anything you don’t get is Dumb or Elitist, and anything you don’t like is like having crap thrown in your face? Or maybe pooped directly into your mouth; not sure. It’s unclear why people believe that they (the viewers) get to tell the creators of Art (uh, the artists) how to create said art. Moreover, realize that people are calling to cancel their HBO subscriptions. Take that, HBO! I’m not gonna watch the now-finished show on your network any mo– wait. Notably, thanks to Hollywood Douchebag or whoever this guy is , I know now that a clear dichotomy exists in the art-creator/art-consumer relationship. You either “give a damn about [your] fans” or you “[crap] in their faces”. Noted. You stumblefucks. You cloisterfucking Derrek Lee poopmouths. I’m canceling my internet subscription because this guy’s website exists.

We also saw Ocean’s Thirteen last night. It was ok, good summer popcorn movie, but I saw the ending coming 1.5 hours away. Also, it does a repeat performance from an earlier installation, which helps in calling it. Solid meh. Can’t wait for Superbad.