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Sorry, Old Chap

Well, we’re out of the dungeon but I can’t quite figure out what’s wrong with the comment form and why it won’t save your info.  I’ve been quite busy with some other tech stuff and I’ve been devoting more time to to get ready for some projects I’m working on.  All that and I’m taking a short break from traveling hither and yon across the world having adventures.

It’s been real nice in Madison the past week; it’s finally starting to warm up, and Spacebee and I are now looking for houses in the Madison area.  Nothing yet but I’ll keep you posted, and HOLYSHITWWHAZZISINVEGASRIGHTNOW!

Hoe-cho! SEBEN!

Rach-o had dat baby yet, sceizzer?

Too Fast Too Furious

I suppose I could have used ‘two’ up there as well; say lah vee.

Since the comments are coming very fast (and very furious) as Cal and I take on the mighty theoretical rhetoric (theorhetoric?) of Madd and Wwhazz I decided to post a quick update on the many goings-on since the last… thing.  Jesus, it was just last Thursday.

In Patented™ List Format:

  • After the great Mad-Railers Open Coding Day last Saturday I’m way back into side shit.  My typical cycle has me getting very excited about Ruby/Rails/entrepreneurial side work and then my attention gets drawn back into my day job due to hectic schedules until I mope around my house all day and lose all interest in everything.  Then I meet up with some cool people doing cool tech stuff and the juices get flowing again.  It was great to finally meet the core members of the Madison Rails community.
  • As a consequence, I started updating again. For now.  Well… I made one post.  It’s living up to it’s tagline.
  • My esteemed future brother-in-law has acquired the ability to order Brewers Opening Day tickets for face value.  He invited spacebee and I to accompany him and my sister.  I am excited about this.  Brewers Opening Day @ $200/scalped ticket in the 2nd inning = boo.  Brewers Opening Day @ face value and park far away = hell yes , BY GAWD.
  • I bought myself one of these here fancy keyboards; I’ll let you know how it goes.
  • This Saturday (Feb. 26th) is spacebee’s 30th birthday– let’s all come together and wish her the very merriest time of her life… what’s left of it. Because now she’s old. OLD.
  • We’re headed up to Devil’s Head for a small ski trip on Mon/Tue of next week.  HOLLLLAR if you want to join in- weekday rates are very cheap.
  • It won’t stop goddamn snowing here in Madison- just be spring already, goddamnit.


Yahoo HackDay 2006

I’m liveblogging from Yahoo HackDay and it’s pretty tight so far. I’m in their cafeteria and the concert just finished; they got Beck to do a show for 400 geeks in Yahoo’s courtyard, which was awesome. Free beer, Guitar Hero on a 20 foot screen, and tons of smart people inventing shit before my eyes. I’ll be checking back in as the evening prgresses (the Thing goes until 2:30p on Saturday, and it’s only 9:40p on Friday right now… so yeah, I’ll be up all night checking in with the Sceizzer and my Poker Pals. BTW– wwhazz, you’re comment was alsmot certainly flagged for moderation cuz it was about gambling, which it thought was spam. I apologize on behalf of the intelligence of the WordPress filter. HOLLLARIT, gents, I’m lookin’ to win a 32″ LCD TV prize to come up with some Cool Shit™.

[UPDATE 1 (10:12PM)]
Here’s our ideas:

  1. PlaceBlog: add comments to an address somewhere in the world.
  2. MosaicOnline: Create a mosaic from flickr photos (of a specific tag?) online
  3. Literature Road Trip: User contribution system where you store where novels and short stories take place around the world, and when you plan a road trip it tells you what notable pieces of literature occurred at somewhere on your journey.
  4. Talking Card: Upload audio file and take a picture off Flickr and then put them together where the picture is animated to talk along with the audio.

Still talking but we’ll need to get started before midnight if we want to finish by tomorrow.

[UPDATE 2 (10:59pm)]

I have seen the King of Guitar Hero play Bark at the Moon in Expert mode and I kneel before him. Trivia Note: He is asian.

[UPDATE 3 (11:53pm)]

TalkingCard it is, I’m started on the backend, our new late-night buddy Mo is on the Flash front end, and Ben is doing experiments on client-side photo mosaic techniques. MOre when we know. On the iPod: Hicktown, by my other late-night buddy Jason Aldean. This one’s for you, wwhazz.

[UPDATE 4 (1:56am)]

Problems abound as we hash out the details of this stuff.

Hello, Is It Me You’re Looking For?

Looks like the midwest contingent has found the new site as well. Nice. Thanks for the compliments everyone, I think this home will be a lot nicer than the last one. For one thing, shit actually works. So I want to get my Battle of Bautista post up even though it is woefully late. I uploaded the videos on YouTube and everything.

Belly, AFAIK Stacy is working a double today. I tried calling her last night and no answer either. I think she must be tired from running around the country visiting deadbeats who can’t get up the nerve to move to the midwest.

There a Rails Meetup tomorrow that I’m going to. It looks exciting and I like the idea of Meetups, especially since (no offense to you guys) not many of my friends are that into technology. I also attended a SIG (special interest group) meeting on Ruby at Google last week, which was also a great experience. Man, Google’s campus is crazy, but I would need a whole ‘nother post just to describe it.

Scientist: get off your ass and quit “yeah, yeah”-ing wwhazz and buy a plane ticket for Slumberslam on Aug 20th. I expect to see you there, HOOOOGGGAAAN!