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If You Can See This…

…then the DNS has cut over to the new server. After eight-ish years with RimuHosting I’ve switched the main whazzmaster wordpress install to Digital Ocean. I’ve really loved the support I’ve received from Rimu, but I made some mistakes and got stuck on Ubuntu 8.08, which left me unable to upgrade to the latest versions of some software I needed and thus vulnerable to the cavalcade of new, exciting exploits.

The general plan is to wait until the DNS works on the new server, then switch DNS providers for whazzmaster to DNSimple, which is where I’m consolidating all of my DNS records. After all that settles down the plan is to cancel my Rimu account and then setup whazzmaster for SSL. I found an interesting SSL reseller I want to try out.

I have more exciting news this week but it will have to wait until Tuesday.

Die Spammers, Die

This blog grows ponderous in its time requirements; WordPress is the worst blogging platform out there, except for every other one. This afternoon I enabled a few more spam countermeasures; two of which are easily circumvented. The only way to really end spam forever is to make it so that only logged-in and approved users can comment, but you savages refuse to create accounts so there’s not much to do.

I’ve again considered taking down the blog and putting up some Discourse forums, but I suspect you wouldn’t want to create an account there either. Better to just Snapchat, I think.

Looking Back: Charter Fucking Communications

You may remember that time in 2007 where I ranted and raved about how shitty Charter Communication’s service is. For a dumb guy that basically types ‘NUDEPOST’ every two weeks so you fools have a new blank slate to talk about fantasy baseball, I understandably don’t get too many hits from the ‘outside world.’  That post in particular, however has somehow made it to result #7 on a Google search of ‘chart fucking sucks’. That also means that we get disgruntled Charter customers coming along every once in awhile to add their thoughts to the ongoing nightmare that is ‘being a customer of Charter Fucking Communications.’ I am not a revolutionary, but if me swearing about these dumbfucks spreads some social media hatred that in any way could possibly impact their stupid company then I feel that the Internet has done its job. Good job, Internet.

On another topic, Flickr made some updates like WHOA; check out my gallery now, fools.

On a third topic, I’m interested in fooling around with a new forum system called Discourse. How about you regulars head over to the sandbox and play around with it. The main benefit (among others) would be no more need to call for a NUDEPOST, but there’s some other interesting shit in there too. I dunno, try it out and let me know if I should install it on my server.

Dungeon Gone

I did three things tonight:

  1. Updated WordPress, which broke the universe and made me start fixing things one by one, which led to…
  2. …fixing the time and time zone of the server, which broke the current thread since new comments are going back in time.
  3. And since everything was cocked up anyways I just went ahead and started using a new, simpler theme.

There’s still some bullshit that doesn’t work (it IS still turdpress) but maybe I can get it working. Shrug. I dunno.

SuperCrapche To The Resuce

I’m helping Kcar get Coach and his wonderful stories onto a new server and so I spent the evening test-configuring whazzmaster to use two new plugins for managing static assets on Amazon S3.  I’m not entirely clear if I got everything configured correctly so shit may get weird for awhile here.  Specifically, I’m having lots of problems displaying embedded videos in the JWPlayer (see The Wedding page to see what I mean).

So I’m using WP Supercache and CDN-Sync-Tool to try to get the majority of the static content cached and, when needed, served from Amazon S3.  If this goes as planned then we can mimic the setup on over the next few days. Yeehaw.  If you’re interested to see the awesomeness you can also check out and  Ain’t that purty?

Squareturdspace < Turdpress

Weeeeeeeeeeeel, what do we have here? I done gone and diffed since moving to Sqaureturdspace and imported it back into Turdpress. It’s like we never left.

Hey Squarespace, here’s why I left your little blogging service: MY USERS DON’T WANT TO CLICK 10 MILLION TIMES TO READ THE LATEST COMMENTS.  Neither do I! Jesus Christ.

Quick Update

Yes, yes… why I thought you jerks would ever actually like a CMS is beyond me.  There are problems to be fixed, and once the new house shit is taken care of and such I’l get right on customizing errythang to madd’s liking.

In the meantime, their spam blocking has so far let in one errant piece of shit.  But I suppose if you live in a world where a wall is holding back twenty million tons of the stuff, finding a piece on your shoe shouldn’t be that vexing.  I’m monitoring it closely.

So, yes, The House.  Inspection went terrific last week, and we’re in full (on the way across the sky) negotiations with the bank this week.  We’re coordinating homeowner’s insurance, lease transfer, moving arrangements, new furniture purchases, and mortgage approval- itsa lotta work I tells ya.

We’re still targeting a close/beginning of move-in sometime between May 23 and May 26.


Welcome to the next version of  You jerks made fun of me too much, so I’ve temporarily hidden the dungeon theme away. Spring cleaning and all that jazz.

So I really don’t quite understand everything about this new setup yet; I’ll probably be changing stuff around for awhile as I get things in place.  Meanwhile: boom, new thread.

1000th Stupid Thing No One Reads

The 1,000th Post
The 1,000th Post

I’m proud to announce that after 8 years, 3 months, and 12 days we’ve reached the 1,000th post to  From its humble beginnings as a clearinghouse for my rants about tater tot packaging, to the towering heights when Old Man hung out talking trash with people he had never met, to its present-day state of sleepy sniping between the Madd Scientist and Cal, has endured.

Without this dumb thing I’d be completely unaware of the present state of theoretical economics, and I would never have seen Brock breakdancing nor would I have seen an online battle rap conducted over thousands of miles.

I started a website in 1997 (Chaos Central), turned it into a Perl-driven ‘blog’ (the word wasn’t invented yet) in 1999, and rewrote the whole thing using PHP in 2001.  When I had the opportunity to pick a domain name there was only one that occurred: I’m the master of whazz (courtesy of my then-newly purchased Golden Tee machine), hence

I’m pleased as punch the way I was able to stay in contact with my Madison pals through this dumb thing, and I continue to marvel that more than one person (me) ever comes here and expends the energy to yell at people and post links to videos, pictures, and items for sale.

Thanks for a G of fun, here’s looking forward to 2012 when we get to celebrate’s 10 year anniversary.

Changing Servers (Complete!)

If you can see this message, you are pointed at the new server. If you somehow found your way here but in the middle saw a terrible looking application about World of Warcraft cards, please let me know the URL you typed in so I can fix that issue.