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Holy Crap! It Works!

Grand Masta Caspa has succeeded in the impossible. The Nokia Healing Force resides within him. His laying of hands has cured the SIM card of its ills and the old 3650 is now charging up. Things simplify considerably now, as I won’t have to pay for a new SIM card or a phone. I can just use the 3650 until the 7610 debuts in the US and then move onto that if I want.

Pros: Moblogging is back, bitches! Also, I can read the interweb in the bathroom now that I have my mMode service back.

Cons: I spent money on a phone that is now destroyed. Anathema to the Scientist.

Anyways, as usual GMX finds some MacGuyver-type shit to save the day. I will reward him by eating the dinner he cooks for me tonight.

–whazz on

Coffee Renaissance

Here at Thugg Mansion we take our beverages seriously. Lately, ever since GMC got 200 pounds of free coffee in the mail, we’ve been drinking coffee a lot. The consumption is often done at wholly unacceptable hours, such as 10:30pm on a school night. The drinking of the coffee is usually done with disregard to what effects it will have on such activities as sleeping, getting drunk, or having sex. All in all, a strange time to be a resident or guest at 1371 Norman Dr.