Price is Right Behind the Scenes

Scientist probably already saw this but if not I thought he’d get a kick out of it:

Not much else going on at this point. Just waiting to get old and die.


Brewers just posted their ninth win in a row in a sweep over the Pirates. Hurray! The past few seasons I’ve started slow and faded fast in my Brewers TV game watching (though I’ve consistently listened in on games on the radio). Watching them win on the road and ruin other (former champ!) teams’ Opening Days has been quite a treat though.

Wwhazz and I talked about taking the tots to a day game sometime this summer; I haven’t been to a Brewers game at all since that NLDS game back in 2011.

Let’s Talk BSG

Yo Scientist where you at on BSG? All finished now? It kinda petered out pretty shitily but for awhile it was the bees knees- Spacebee was even watching it fer christ sakes.

No one asked but here’s what I’m currently recording on the ol’ DVR (in no particular order):

  • Space Dandy (he’s a dandy guy in space)
  • Broad City
  • Chozen (probably to be dropped soon)
  • Archer
  • @midnight
  • Kroll Show
  • American Dad
  • Rick and Morty
  • Community
  • Parks & Recreation
  • Bar Rescue
  • Catch a Contractor

I dunno there might be more; Spacebee certainly records about a skrillion episodes of Grey’s Anatomy every day. What mass media are you lunatics consuming these days?

Get This

Got an interesting email yesterday from Legal Compliance (not lawyer, mind you) at some dumb company because, in 2005, some comment spam promoting their site mysteriously appeared in a wm thread (this one, to be precise). Fast forward to 2014 and now The Google is heavily penalizing that sort of shit link spamming. “Uh oh,” says the stupid company that claims it doesn’t know how its link got there. “Please remove this link as it ‘will also affect search engine visibility and online reputation for both of us.'” Please, Mr. Legal Compliance, as if I give a fuck about the search engine visibility of In fact, perhaps I’ll whip up a new robots.txt to disallow googlebot entirely. So anyways the guy asked me to remove the comment, but then followed it up with:

P.S.:- If those links are not removed in good faith within 48 hours, I will be forced to file legal court-case [sic] to recover possible cost of copyright infringement.

Note the hilariously bad English. Pretty sure this guy has no legal background or authority and just sent these emails out threateningly because Google is fucking up the link farm bullshit scam he built or bought.

Here’s the one part I want to understand: I’m about 99.99999% sure that these dicks contracted out some SEO in 2005, and that contractor sub-contracted and so on and so forth until some Asian comment spammer was paid $0.40 to spam WordPress comments with the shit. They claim “those links were not created by [them] and [they] do not have any ideas about it.” In fact, I think the comment was posted by some malware running on a regular visitor’s computer. My stance is: someone, somewhere got paid to indirectly post links to WordPress sites for this company’s website. In 2005 this was a valid (if disgusting) way to bump your PageRank.

Whatever, here was my response:

Your legal threat has absolutely no weight here, and if your company was doing shitty SEO and SEM in 2005 and fucking up MY website with spam it’s certainly no problem of mine that Google now penalizes you for it.  Fucking copyright infringement? Seriously? Because some shitzipper spammed MY site with YOUR trash? The comment has been deleted; fucking go away.

It’s Almost That Time of Year

You can go ahead and imagine little notes dangling around the title up there. Go on; it’s ok!

So my phone started jingling and jangling to tell me that the Brewers are playing Spring training games now. Hurray? That means it’s also time to try to fix up this old dump. #TURDPRESS amirite? I tried to move the site over to a new hosting provider this morning but AJ was screaming and I messed up the migration and then had to roll it back. #kids

So instead of moving providers (which I’ll still do but maybe not until next weekend) I just downloaded a new theme. Pretty not bad, I guess, although I’m sure you turds will find something wrong with it.

Wanna go to Vegas? We’re going at the end of September. Meet us there and party; I’ve earmarked part of our tax refund for the trip. Digression: holy shit we got a refund this year- the power of CHILD DEDUCTIONS and CHILDCARE DEDUCTIONS.


The government don’t want you havin’ no whazzbucks. Some senator is like, “Durr, the _____ industr– er, i mean my constituents are worried about the threat of terrorism.” Jen H. probably acted as the counsel for the Senator.

I registered just in case we can get our tiny little idea off the ground. #tothemoon

Not a whole lot else going on in these parts- yes Cal, I’m really excited for UP also. #highheat Just tell my wife I’ll be away for the month of August.

Oops, also wanted to drop a line that I’ll likely be moving around domains and consolidating servers. Gonna try not to have service interrupted on but once the move occurs you may see some comments disappear.


I just had the absolute best idea evar: Madd, where’s your site? Let’s create our own cryptocurrency and only use that in the game. That would be an incredibly interesting technical challenge.

Someone Found That Goddamned Medallion? Good.

Each year I delight in your feverish, paranoid riddle-humping conspiracy theories but I can only stand them for so long. So an underpaid newspaper staffer hid a dirty puck in a pair of jeans with a terrible poop stain and that’s wholesome family entertainment that we’re all supposed to get behind? You’re a state of perverts and lunatics, Minnesota.

Hey look, that guy that kcar hates is being reported on by The AV Club. I’m not his biggest fan, but at least I don’t hate the guy!

Bitcoin is so yesterday. I turned my GPU into a DOGECOIN MINING RIG. TO THE MOON. SUCH DOGE.